Obama Administration Deliberately Causing Chaos With the Release of 36,000 Criminal Aliens in One Year Alone


Sheriff Babeau

New testimony at a House hearing on the release of tens of thousands of criminal aliens proved the Obama administration is bringing chaos onto the streets of America. The Sheriff of Pinal County believes that the blood of the victims of these criminal illegal aliens being released is on the hands of Barack Obama because of his deferred action program.

These releases are taking place every year.

Many of the crimes were very serious and included murders, sexual assaults, rapes, bank robberies, DWI deaths, child molestations, home invasions and so on. The excuse being used is the country of origin doesn’t want them back, so the government just releases them instead of insisting the country take them back.  Under deferred action, they are not held.

Sheriff Paul Babeau in an appearance on The Neil Cavuto Show said the government won’t talk about the charges against the aliens and they won’t give receiving localities the names of the aliens. That way, local law enforcement can’t easily tie them to their past crimes. There would serious backlash if people knew.

There is no surveillance, no supervision of these criminals and no one is given the information about who these people are.

Sheriff Babeau’s Pinal County has been one of the dumping grounds for these alien criminals.

He said that out of the 36,000 illegal alien convicts released into our communities in 2013, 196 were convicted murderers, over 400 were convicted of rape or sexual assault, and over 300 were convicted of kidnapping. He asked, “So what do we expect to happen when these illegals who have been convicted of serious violent offenses are released back into our communities other than for them to reoffend. And how is this not the responsibility of the ‘president?’”

Babeau said that the blood for all subsequent crimes is on the hands of the Obama dictatorship. What is occurring is completely predictable recidivism that is 100% avoidable if the administration were fulfilling its obligation to the American people.

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