Obama Administration Didn’t Book Hotel Rooms for 2017 G-20 Summit


Donald Trump wasn’t able to get a hotel room at one of the top 5 star hotels in Hamburg, Germany where he is attending the G-20 summit.

While the media is mocking Trump because they say he was too ‘dumb’ to reserve rooms, we are now finding out it was the dumb Obama’s administration that was supposed to set up the hotel rooms. The hotels get completely booked by Election Day.

Trump is fine and has a room in a government-owned guesthouse. Some in his entourage had to stay out of town.

German and U.S. outlets are having a field day trashing Trump over this. Buzzfeed had a good time with it.

According to The Daily Mail, two White House officials say their predecessors were responsible for booking rooms for the American delegation.

Staff at eight of the hotels confirmed that they were completely booked by the time America’s 2016 election was held in early November, the other two declined to comment, the Daily Mail reported.

Hillary would not have had rooms either if she had she won the presidency. However, Merkel probably would have given her a guest room in her palace.

In conclusion, the Obama administration didn’t do their job.

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