Obama Administration Gives the Okay to Iran ICBMs That Will One Day Reach the US


Iran’s recent ballistic missile test was “a clear violation” of U.N. sanctions, and the United States will seek action from the Security Council, U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power said Friday.

Samantha Power
Samantha Power

Power said that after reviewing available information, the United States has confirmed that the medium-range ballistic missile launched on Oct. 10 was “inherently capable of delivering a nuclear weapon.” She said this violated a U.N. Security Council resolution adopted on June 9, 2010, which imposed a fourth round of sanctions on Iran.

Power prepared a report to the useless Security Council committee but didn’t say what actions they would seek.

“The Security Council prohibition on Iran’s ballistic missile activities, as well as the arms embargo, remain in place and we will continue to press the Security Council for an appropriate response to Iran’s disregard for its international obligations,” she said in a statement sent to The Associated Press.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Iran likely violated U.N. sanctions. But he stressed that Iran has abided by its commitments made during the nuclear talks that led to the historic deal.

Josh Earnest
Josh Earnest

To most observers, he also suggested that the U.S. basically doesn’t care enough to do anything. Iran will no doubt take this as an okay to go ahead.

Earnest said at the presser three days ago that “this is an agreement [the Iran deal] that’s focused on Iran’s nuclear program, and it’s not predicated on Iran suddenly changing their behavior and becoming a more cooperative, constructive member of the international community.”

That was a clear go-ahead to Iran.

Iran is violating the agreement but they think the agreement will somehow change their behavior even though we have given them no convincing reasons to do so and are in fact paying them to continue by returning money seized when they were sanctioned.

The administration is referring it back to the U.N. knowing they will do nothing except say Iran should not be sanctioned. Maybe they will put a letter in their file.

The only thing the U.S. will consider in Earnest’s own words are:

“If we do find that it is inconsistent with those resolutions, we won’t be surprised.  And it will only underscore the need to follow through on something that the President discussed with our GCC partners at Camp David over the summer, which is to disrupt and interdict those materials that could contribute to the advancement of Iran’s ballistic missile program.”

They immediately take the weakest possible stand and make every effort to look asea as they plan to discuss it some more and organize more useless meetings.

Remarkably, Earnest doesn’t know why they are testing missiles that will one day reach the U.S. mainland:

“We have strong suspicions that it is [the ballistic missile tests are a violation], but that’s something that we continue to look at.  And it’s something that we take seriously, although it should be noted that this is consistent with the kind of behavior that we’ve seen from Iran for quite some time.  These resolutions that limit their ballistic missile program have been on the books for quite a while and the Iranians have repeatedly violated them.  That underscores the need for better coordinated and possibly even more aggressive interdiction efforts to disrupt their ballistic missile program.  But we certainly take them seriously.”

“I think the observation that I was making is merely that people were trying to — I think understandably — discern exactly what Iran hoped to accomplish by carrying out this missile test.”

Oh well, this is what Iran does all the time. They set up some more meetings.

The administration is laying the groundwork for war by allowing the largest sponsor of terror in the world to have the most dangerous weapons in the world and the vehicles by which to deliver them to Israel, Europe and the US.

This Iran deal which gives everything to Iran and about which we are 100% unserious is something Obama wants to offer to North Korea. Why is he messing with our approach to North Korea when it has worked as good as possible? Clinton is the one who allowed North Korea to acquire the bomb.

This is what he said at a presser this week.

“Even though you didn’t ask me the question, I’m going to horn in on the question you asked President Park, because we’ve actually discussed Iran and what it could teach us about the situation in North Korea. These are both countries that have long history of antagonism toward the United States.”

“But we were prepared to have a serious conversation with the Iranians once they showed they were serious about the possibility of giving up the pursuit of nuclear weapons. I suspect President Park agrees with me here that at the point where Pyongyang says we’re interested in seeing relief from sanctions and improved relations, and we’re prepared to have a serious conversation about denuclearization. I think it’s fair to say we are going to be right here at the table.”

Laughably, he said:

“Now, whether even if they made that gesture they would then be willing to subject themselves to kind of rigorous verification regimes that we’ve set up with Iran, particularly given their past violations of agreements. That’s a separate question but we haven’t even gotten to that point yet as there has been no indication on the art of North Korea as there was with the Iranians that they could foresee a future in which they did not possess or were not pursuing nuclear weapons.”

Source: CBS News

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