Obama Administration Has Unleashed a Rogue FEC to Circumvent the Law


Donald McGahn, a Republican appointee in the Federal Election Commission is on his way out but before he goes, he is attempting to rein-in another lawless bureaucracy.

The left objects to his efforts.

The bipartisan FEC exists to act independently in regulating federal elections and came into existence in 1975 after Watergate. It is not meant to be politicized and is purposed to prevent politicization by the DOJ.

To avoid dealing with a bipartisan committee which is often gridlocked, the FEC staff now circumvents them.

The staff routinely begins their own investigations, for example, despite the fact that the commissioners have not verified a violation has occurred. This can easily be abused and used for political attacks on opponents without any oversight by the commission.

Can you say witch hunt?

There have already been inquiries made by these rogue agents on insignificant accusations they found on blogs, Facebook, et al.

Wore yet, the staff is tied to the Obama administration, making it one more agency Obama controls through the Executive office. They are reporting unlawful conduct to the DOJ without a vote by the bipartisan majority of commissioners.

In one case they sent a secret report of a possible violation directly to DOJ and the commissioners never even saw the report.

Tony Herman was named FEC general counsel in early 2012 and was brought in Dan Petalas, an Obama Justice prosecutor, to head the agency’s enforcement section. Herman, as General Counsel, alleged that his staff must be supreme because they make the best decisions as “non-partisan, career leadership” so the commission is protected from looking like “they are assisting DOJ prosecutions.”

This secretive, partisan cabal, acting outside the law within the FEC, should operate lawlessly according to Herman who claims they have the right so they can protect the commission.

The commission has been appointed to that job and they are supposed to keep the public informed, not the head counsel who is tied to the Obama administration.

Keep the American people dumb, fat, and stupid.

Again, witch hunt potential!

What does Justice know now that they have these renegade forces inside the FEC? Does Justice influence reports? We know that Justice has used criminal investigations to intimidate political opponents. Is this like the pipeline many believe Obama has to the IRS?

Mr. McGahn is trying to get the commission to adopt a new enforcement manual requiring uniform procedures.

The Center for American Progress is attacking Mr. McGahn as if he didn’t have this right. They say he is trying to “block enforcement” and “weaken the agency.”

This is the MO of the The Center for American Progress which has famously told Mr. Obama to circumvent Congress with agency rules and regulations and Executive Orders as a way of implementing his agenda.

Mr. McGahn simply wants the presidentially-appointed, Senate-confirmed commissioners answering to the public, not rogue unaccountable staff. The purpose of the FEC is to prevent that type of political abuse of power. The left wants the rogue staff.

They already use this type of power at the National Labor Relations Board where the Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon does whatever he pleases.

Ed DeMarco has been fighting a similar battle at the Federal Housing Administration. He is trying to protect the taxpayers from the Progressives. He is hated by them because he stands in the way of Obama’s attempts to spend recklessly in a mortgage redistribution scheme.

Mr. McGahn is a warrior in a battle to keep the people in the know and in control through accountable representation, a battle we are losing in agency after agency.

Please an article on the topic at the WSJ


Getty ImagesFederal Election Commission (FEC) Commissioner Donald McGahn II


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