Obama Administration Illegally Threatened Uranium One Informant


Hillary Clinton was supposed to win the presidency and if she had, the revelations of the last two weeks would have remained secret. The Obama administration used Third World tactics to keep the Uranium One/Tenex deals from the public.

Eric Holder’s DoJ threatened the informant who has been now given the okay to speak to the two congressional committees investigating the Uranium and Tenex deals with Russia.

His lawyer, Victoria Toensing, is now free to speak and what she has to say is stunning and it should alarm all Americans. She claims her client was intimidated into silence and was under direct threat when he initiated a civil lawsuit against the government to get the information out into the public domain.

He was told by Obama Administration lawyers that his “reputation and liberty [were] in jeopardy” if he didn’t not comply, according to attorney Victoria Toensing. She explained that there has never been a criminal penalty for this type of breach.

Greg Jarrett, the legal analyst for Fox News, explained upon hearing this that a gag order cannot be put on someone Congress wants to speak to.

The Obama administration acted like Third World dictators, violating the rule of law, if this report is accurate.

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