Obama Administration Implements A Jobs Program for At-Risk Youth – in Central America


Barack Obama is inviting the poor people of Central America into the United States to live as dependents and one day vote for the Democratic party. If only we could deduct them from our tax returns.

It’s all about our fundamental transformation into a one-party country. Obama wants to do for the country what amnesty did for California.

It doesn’t end there. Obama is also redistributing our money to Central America. The latest effort will provide jobs for their at-risk youth.

Young people, especially minority young people, and citizens can’t find jobs this summer. Part-time jobs are disappearing. Many now go to illegal aliens.

While Obama’s Department of Labor is implementing a $13 million dollar program to employ teens and young adults living in Honduras and El Salvador, our Hispanic and Black teens living here can’t get jobs.

CNS News reported that the Bureau of International Labor Affairs is giving grants to promote employment of at-risk youth in Honduras and El Salvador.

“The project will target youth ages 14 to 17 that are susceptible to the worst forms of child labor, as well as youth ages 18 to 20 that are susceptible to hazardous and exploitative working conditions, primarily targeting youth that reside in communities with high levels of crime and violence,” the grant announcement stated.

El Salvador and Honduras are among the most violent countries in the world. Honduras had a homicide rate of 79 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2013, and El Salvador had a homicide rate of 41.2, according to the Labor Department.

Obama’s excuse for this redistributive scheme is that a “secure, stable Central America” is in our best interests.

The Labor Department announced it last week in a press release.

“At-risk youth at home and abroad share similar struggles,” said Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez. “They work hard to overcome poverty and escape gang violence, but the deck is stacked against them without access to a good education and good jobs. This project will help give a lifeline to youth in El Salvador and Honduras by providing the valuable, job-driven training and employment resources that they need.”

In January, Obama promised $1 billion of our tax dollars to Central America to improve their governance. If that sounds ridiculous to you, it’s because it is.

The administration is also flying minors in from Central America and calling them refugees.

We can’t cure the world’s ills but this administration knows this. Their goal isn’t to cure ills.

Who is looking out for our youth, including college kids, who can’t get jobs? What about youth who end up going into illegal ventures because that’s the only place they can earn money? How about the at-risk youth in this country who are in danger of joining mobs or transnational gangs?

US at risk youth

If you are a young, black male who needs a job, I suggest you go to Honduras to get U.S. job training.

Check out our unemployment rates on this link.


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