Obama Administration Made a $146 Billion Medicaid Error



Millions of lower income people signed up for the free Medicaid instead of private insurance according to a new government report.

This will cost taxpayers an extra $146 billion more over the next decade than expected due to the Medicaid expansion that was part of Obamacare. That is with 19 states still refusing to participate and with the government’s tendency to underestimate.

It’s hard to believe that the Obama government which only wants government-subsidized healthcare didn’t figure this out.

According to the report, Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program enrollees will total 68 million people in 2016 – or 16 million more people than anticipated six years ago, when the law passed. In 2015, Medicaid enrollees increased by 3 million, and by 2026 an additional 6 million are expected to enroll.

Obamacare was always meant to be the way station to Single Payer.

The projections were conducted by the Congressional Budget Office.

They did not include spending on adults 65 and older, who are enrolled in the government’s Medicare program, and some of whom also receive Medicaid to help pay for nursing home costs and other needs.

The truth is that most of the newly registered healthcare recipients as a result of Obamacare are because of the Medicaid expansion. We could have just expanded Medicaid and not ruined our healthcare system with Obamacare.




  1. The best way to stop the advancement of technology in healthcare is to put the profit motive ahead of advancement. That’s what insurance Companies guarantee. If you take the money out of the insurance companies hands, and let the government decide who are looking for the advancement of technology you will bring the future much closer to reality. Single payer healthcare is a start.
    The best example of that is the OIL Industry, and Global Warming. The Tobacco Industry which is making a tremendous comeback. Both of these examples have cost millions of lives, but are still have the influence to control the government for their best interest. Something stinks to high heavens!!!!! The cleanup of our government starts with Bernie Sanders.

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