BREAKING…Plan to Destroy ‘Every DC Conservative Policy Apparatus’ on Climate Change



The government is moving quickly towards controlling how we use energy. Their army of leftists, many funded by Socialist George Soros, are planning a RICO prosecution against Exxon Mobil over supposed deception on climate change and, at the same time, they are investigating every free-market and conservative organization – over 100 of them.

They plan to dismantle “virtually all of Washington’s conservative policy apparatus”, Politico reported.

Hillary Clinton will gladly lead the movement to silence the free speech of all those who would offer differing opinions.

An Attorney General of the US Virgin Islands is pursuing a vast sweep of Exxon and 100 free-market think tanks, conservative consulting firms and climate-skeptic scientists, including the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, the Hoover Institution, George Mason University and scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Alabama and the University of Delaware.

These are leftists who will then use climate change to control Americans and further their globalist agenda with a ‘borderless nation’ as John Kerry said this past week during a commencement speech. Also this week, EPA head Gina McCarthy admitted the EPA is writing climate change regulations to simulate laws that Congress wouldn’t pass.

The Department of Justice chief Loretta Lynch recently told climate change crusader Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-WA) that she would look into pursuing a RICO lawsuit against climate change deniers. Immediately after 16 Attorneys General, including the AG of the US Virgin Islands and Al Gore, announced that they would investigate deniers.

Sen. Whitehouse said he wanted them imprisoned.

The US government went after the tobacco industry with RICO lawsuits and now they are giving themselves the authority to kill fossil fuels. They’ve destroyed coal and oil and gas are next up. They don’t care what it costs Americans because their goal is control.

Politico reported that Mobil has lobbyists up at Capitol Hill trying to contain the revolution from the far-left:

The meeting marked a striking shift in Exxon’s handling of the controversy. The notion of holding oil companies responsible for global warming, in the same way tobacco companies had to pay billions of dollars in damages over the health effects of cigarettes, had long been seen as a quixotic quest led by scruffy, oil-hating extremists. But POLITICO’s interviews with dozens of activists, industry officials and lawmakers suggest that support for a legal crusade against Exxon is growing far beyond the political fringe — and now poses the biggest existential threat the company has faced in decades.

The people and organizations behind the movement against oil, gas and free speech are all of the far-left and they are after all opponents.

From Politico:

Hillary Clinton had urged the Justice Department to investigate whether the petroleum giant spent decades deceiving the public about the threat of climate change. State attorneys general had Exxon in their sights as well, preparing to issue subpoenas that would eventually rope in virtually all of Washington’s conservative policy apparatus.

The very wealthy and powerful far-left has been able to escalate their attack on the moral character of Exxon to a full-scale legal prosecution. If Hillary wins the election, she will destroy fossil fuels.

Politico authors Andrew Restuccia and Elana Schor wrote that “once merely intent on shaming the oil giant into better behavior, environmentalists are pursuing a strategy to discredit the company, weaken it politically and perhaps make it pay the kinds of multibillion-dollar legal settlements that began hitting the tobacco industry in the 1990s.”

The same people who killed the Keystone XL oil pipeline are trying to kill Exxon.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a free market think tank, is the first to refuse to comply with the subpoena by the Attorney General of the US Virgin Islands for all their research and communications on climate change.

A federal court has granted CEI discovery in its FOIA lawsuit against the top White House science policy office. The court found that the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy’s (OSTP) response to CEI’s FOIA request contained inconsistent and unreliable representations about the sought records, raising questions about the agency’s “good faith.’’

  • CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman said, “As OSTP’s course of action here demonstrates, there’s a clear pattern when it comes to this Administration: In dealing with global warming issues, agencies tend to act illegally. In short, global warming poses a risk to the rule of law.”
  • The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) filed a lawsuit against the OSTP, seeking documents related to that agency’s controversial video, The Polar Vortex Explained in 2 Minutes. The video, released in January 2014, attempted to blame global warming for the unusually cold winter weather. However, it was widely criticized by scientists on both sides of the climate change debate. Despite OSTP Director John Holdren’s claim that a “growing body of evidence” supports the connection between extreme cold and global warming, a number of published peer-reviewed studies disputed the claim.
  • CEI petitioned OSTP to correct its claim under the federal Information Quality Act. But the agency denied the petition, claiming that Dr. Holdren’s statement was a “personal opinion” that was exempt from the law. CEI then filed a Freedom of Information Act request on June 13, 2014 for documents related to the video’s production as well as to the agency’s refusal to correct its claim, but the agency refused to disclose most of those records.
  • CEI subsequently filed suit in federal district court. On February 10, 2016, the court ruled partially in CEI’s favor. On March 4, OSTP released documents, admitting that it found other copies of letters that CEI had requested, prompting the court to question whether OSTP performed a proper search. In a March 23 Order to Show Cause, the court sought an explanation of OSTP’s search process, and indicated it was considering the possibility of imposing sanctions on OSTP, and granting CEI’s 2015 request for discovery. Today’s ruling grants that discovery to CEI.

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