Obama Administration Pilots Internet IDs, A Great Way to Shut Down Dissent


global control of the Internet

The Obama administration is pushing ahead with National IDs. So far their use is voluntary and restricted, but it’s only just begun and there are many dangers ahead. It could be used to crush dissent, put people in prison, and tax everyone who uses the Internet.

The idea of restricting users on the Internet began in 2009 with Obama’s “Cyberspace Policy Review.”

Since 2010, we’ve heard about the “National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace,” or NSTIC, which assigns computer ID numbers to every user who must register with real names.  It is now being piloted in Pennsylvania and Michigan. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) helped states, who were paid off with large grants, put this in place and are looking for others to participate, including corporations.

They say it’s to make the Internet more secure, but those of us who have watched the NSA’s abusive collection of data on every American and their targeting of Americans and journalists by the IRS and DOJ see a more sinister use such as targeting opponents and shutting down dissent or making it easier to tax everyone who uses the Internet.

The idea comes out of China and Chinese users do say they are much more cautious about what they say.

China monitors every game users play and it will be used to control addicted minors they say.

In addition to monitoring the youth playing games, China says they want to “purify” the Internet of socially and politically suspect activity by forcing users to use true identities. They want a “real name” system for bloggers to curb “irresponsible and intellectual property abuse”, according to the Financial Times. Real names will be kept private unless “they harm the public interest.”

China of course is a brutal dictatorship which suppresses all dissent.

The US government lured in Pennsylvania and Michigan with lucrative grants which is how they always do it. It will begin innocently enough by targeting Americans who want a government service such as food stamps and welfare. As usual, depriving people of privacy is being done for expediency and to stamp out fraud. Never mind that hackers could get your information if they get your government ID.

For now it’s voluntary, something like Common Core was voluntary, with the ultimate goal of making it required for every user.

“States have a vital role to play in the Identity Ecosystem, both providing identity credentials and relying on them,” said National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace’s (NSTIC’s) Jeremy Grant, “senior executive advisor for identity management,” in a statement announcing the grants to Michigan and Pennsylvania agencies that are participating. “States are ideal partners for NSTIC pilots because of the many services they offer online, and the many more they could offer online if the costs and risks involving identity fraud could be reduced.”

It that is all this is about, it’s a good idea.

Lee Tien, a senior staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a privacy advocacy group, told FoxNews.com that he believes that the initiative poses a serious threat to privacy and free speech online.

“It’s not entirely clear to me what, even now after having followed this program for months, what problems it’s really trying to solve and how what it’s proposing will solve it,” he said, adding that the burden is on the government to show “what’s the real benefit here.”

Tien said it’s pretty clear that the initiative will help law enforcement even though administration officials haven’t mentioned it. It could be a way around subpoenas.

Senior policy analyst Jay Stanley with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Speech, Privacy and Technology Project said in 2011 that it could be good or bad depending on how its used but that “anything that resembles a national identity system or a “driver’s license for the Internet” must be vehemently opposed.”

The government has said they’d use third party vendors but that is hardly reassuring. It could be changed at any time and they could have a cozy relationship with the third parties as they do now. They have “back doors” to every major Internet service provider.

The original Homeland Security plan stated that they planned to make bloggers “authenticate” themselves prior to posting their thoughts on the Web.

Corporations like google – google works on projects with the NSA – like the idea. They say passwords will no longer used, instead devices such as smartcards with embedded chips,tokens that generate random codes or biometric devices will be used instead. The architecture of the Internet will also change.

If you think that won’t cost you, think again. Say farewell to the relatively free Internet.

The devil will be in the details but once in place, the government can expand it any way it wants.

While there are many advantages to such a system, nothing President Obama does turns out well and the end goal is always for more government control. He is lawless and will not follow the rules, even the ones he establishes, Obamacare being a case in point.

Mr. Obama has just turned the final control of the Internet over to the socialists, communists and other dictators in the world and he is the man who has come up with this idea.

We know that the administration wants to tax the Internet, they’ve been clear about that.

We also know that they want to shut down bloggers. An effort is being made to do that by Dianne Feinstein and other Democratic Senators who want to pass laws defining what is acceptable media and who is a journalist, carefully omitting alternative media and bloggers from the list.

This is an issue to be concerned about but, as usual, with the pen and phone dictatorship Mr. Obama has in place, we will have no say, our elected representatives will have no say , and only the collectivists in the White House will get to decide.

A bit tyrannical, don’t you think?


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