Obama Agrees to the Unthinkable – No Threat of Force in Syria



Mr. Obama holding Assad and Putin signs.

Politico said on Friday that Mr. Obama will not insist that the UN resolution on Syria include a threat of military force if Assad doesn’t follow through on his agreement to destroy his chemical weapons.

Obama agreed to leave military options out of the agreement as Putin demanded.

He has agreed to the one thing he never should have agreed to – no threat of force in exchange for a toothless agreement in which Putin assumes a leadership role.

Assad now has until mid-2014 to avoid, delay, and mock the United States and her Western allies.

I am sorry for France – they will think twice next time they are asked to back the United States. This again proves the US is a poor ally.

Mr. Assad has until Friday to give over a list of all his chemical weapons.

Oh, wow, a list!

Meanwhile, Assad has been moving his weapons to hidden locations. It is hard to believe he will give them up.

The UN inspectors will also have access to his many – perhaps 45 – chemical sites. The fact that the country is at war will make it difficult and dangerous for these scientists to go in.

This agreement was reached by ‘consensus and compromise,’ Lavrov said, when, in fact, everything Putin dictated is in the agreement.

There will be no military penalties if Assad does not comply but he will have until mid-2014 or longer to delay and avoid while he decimates the opposition. There will only be the UN which will refer disputes to committees for discussions about possible penalties.

The US could still act alone without the support of the UN but it will never happen.

I imagine Putin and Assad can’t believe their good fortune in dealing with our amateurish president.

Hanoi John, the great military genius of the Vietnam War era, said “There is no military solution” to the Syrian civil war, Mr. Kerry added. “It has to happen at the negotiating table.”

This is the same man who last week said the only solution was an ‘unbelievably small’ attack on Damascus. This is the same man who said we must ‘punish’ Assad to make clear the will of the American people. He and Mr. Obama put our prestige on the line and they frittered it away.

While I see no reason for the US to go into Syria, it would have been better if Obama just sent his little bombs into Damascus at the outset. What he is doing now is making us into pawns in Putin’s power play in the most dangerous region on earth, one we have come to rely on for our very existence. We need their oil because we will not develop our own energy resources. It was an opportunity for the masterful Putin and he took hold of it.

Mr. Obama’s United States is a considerably weaker and less wealthier one than the one he inherited.

He is being mocked in Syria for his poor performance on the world stage, according to raw story. “He who talks a lot doesn’t act,” said Souad, a Damascus resident, mocking US President Barack Obama as a “coward” for delaying a decision to attack the Syrian regime.

“Obama is a coward. He didn’t strike because he knows that our President Bashar (al-Assad) is all-powerful,” said the employee of nationality electricity firm Ferdaws, in the northeast of the capital.

That is how the world will see it and it will have lasting repercussions on any actions to be taken by Iran. They now know he will never act against them as they enrich their uranium to weapons grade.

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