Obama Aligns With Dangerous Extremist Groups Against Police


Update: 12/18/17: We deleted some telling photos – long story

About half of our New York City police officers are minorities but it doesn’t matter at all to the president and the radical groups he has emboldened to push his far-left agenda of nationalizing local police. It’s also a highly effective get out the vote effort.

The latest group to come out is especially dangerous.

Fox News reported that The National Liberation Militia, a modern day Black Panthers and Marxist-Leninist group, is calling for members to don Halloween masks and arm themselves with bricks, bottles and firearms to attack our nation’s police on Halloween according to an alert issued by the FBI this week. CBS is reporting it’s an anarchist group and didn’t mention that they were related to the black separatist group. No matter what the case, it’s anti-police.


A fraction of one percent of crimes are officers on blacks but over 90 percent are black on black crimes, mostly because of gangs. Neither the administration nor these groups care.

Police are afraid to do their jobs because of experiences that take place when they show up on a call and are then surrounded by people shoving cellphones in their faces. They know that one angle and one abbreviated video can go viral and ruin their lives.

The White House denies it is happening. They don’t care about the truth, they care about getting favorable soundbites out.

Look at the statistics. It’s hard to know how this can be turned around.


Compare these two brief clips from FBI Director Jim Comey and Josh Earnest representing the White House. The White House is defending these extremists and doing it within days of the murder of an immigrant black police officer.

Black Lives Matter is a political tool sending a message that is false on the backs of police.

Fox & Friends describes the situation:

The fringe of the fringe people like we saw in the 1960s and 1970s are emboldened and that includes Black Lives Matter, but still the White House pushes the agenda.

Chicago, New York, LA saw Black Lives Matter, the Revolutionary Communist Party, The Nation of Islam and other radical groups protesting in vile and hateful ways on Sunday as part of the “Rise Up October” movement.

Pulp Fiction director Quentin Tarantino spewed hate and incited the crowds:

“When I see murders, I do not stand by . . . I have to call a murder a murder, and I have to call the murderers the murderers,” the cinematographer purveyor of violence told a crowd of protesters in Washington Square Park. He said that cops are too often “murderers.”

Also spreading the hate were Professor Cornel West and his friend, Revolutionary Communist co-founder Carl Dix. Dix has written such articles as,  “Killing to Enforce Capitalism and White Supremacy, 50 REASONS TO GET RID OF THIS ROTTEN SYSTEM THRU REVOLUTION!” [Revcom]

On Dix’s bio it says, “Wherever he goes, Carl Dix puts forward the interests and aspirations of the world’s oppressed and proletarian people. He believes that only all-the-way communist revolution can end the oppression suffered by billions of people across this planet.” [“Wherever he goes, Carl Dix puts forward the interests and aspirations of the world’s oppressed and proletarian people. ]

He calls himself a Maoist.

They are planning future events and told their followers to rise up on November 22; the anniversary of Tamir Rice’s murder; November 27 to boycott Black Friday; December 3 for Eric Garner; another day to shut down Riker’s and so on because, “POLICE MURDER AND TERROR MUST STOP!” [WGNTV]

The “TERROR” at the moment is coming from these groups, Obama’s peeps.



  1. Are the majority of these fools aware they are being led by COMMUNISTS? Maybe somebody should ask one if they can point to a Commie regime that doesn’t have a jack booted police force strangling their population.
    These geniuses should research the term, “useful idiots”.

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