God Help Us, Obama and Merkel Say It’s ‘the time for US-German leadership’ of the WORLD



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Think about the damage these two can do together.

Barack Obama was in Hannover, Germany pushing trade deals, globalization, wealth redistribution, borderless nations. He and Mrs. Merkel see it as “the time for US-German leadership.” Obama made certain to praise the massive invasion of migrants from the Middle East and Africa into Europe.

Millions see the trade deals, the TPA, the TPP (the text of which runs 5,554 pages), and TPIP, as bad for the USA. They contend that they push us towards a more globalized government and a North American Union, removing the borders between the US, Canada and Mexico to form a North American Union. What do you think?

While in Hannover, Germany, Obama pushed the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and globalization of 40% of the world economy. His pitch was made with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday.

Merkel said, “now is the time for US-German leadership.”

Merkel expressed support for Obama’s call to speed things up. “We should get a move on,” she said at the world’s largest industrial trade fair in Hannover. “We all know the reproaches, worries and fears, and what difficulties remain.”

Despite opposition, they vowed to force through an-ever broader US-EU trade pact.

Tens of thousands representing trade unions, environmentalists and others marched in Germany on Saturday in opposition.


“Angela and I agree that the United States and the European Union need to keep moving forward with the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations,” Obama said.

Anything that Barack Obama and Angela Merkel want can’t be great judging from their performance to date.

It has come to our attention that foreign ministers banded together five months ago to put out a declaration looking to create a US of Europe that would federalise the European armed forces by merging their own national forces and “It should include all matters pertaining to the European ideal — social and cultural affairs as well as foreign, security and defence policy,” the declaration states and Breitbart reported.

The EU is overrun with migrants and they include terrorists but Mr. Obama encourages a one world mentality.

“In the United States, we’ve long wrestled with questions of race and integration,” Mr. Obama said, “and we do to this day. And we still have a lot of work to do. But our progress allows somebody like me to now stand here as President of the United States. That’s because we committed ourselves to a larger ideal, one based on a creed — not a race, not a nationality — a set of principles; truths that we held to be self-evident that all men were created equal.”

“And now, as Europe confronts questions of immigration and religion and assimilation, I want you to remember that our countries are stronger, they are more secure and more successful when we welcome and integrate people of all backgrounds and faith, and make them feel as one. And that includes our fellow citizens who are Muslim.”

He then promoted his ideas on wealth redistribution which he envisions on a global scale. He wants to equalize income with government force and he wants it based on outcomes, not effort, talent, commitment, good fortune.

“As I mentioned before, the economic anxieties many feel today on both sides of the Atlantic are real. The disruptive changes brought about by the global economy, unfortunately, sometimes are hitting certain groups, especially working-class communities, more heavily. And if neither the burdens, nor the benefits of our global economy are being fairy distributed, it’s no wonder that people rise up and reject globalization. If there are too few winners and too many losers as the global economy integrates, people are going to push back.”

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