Obama Announces Unilateral Action Allowing Mass Immigration of Foreign Workers to Take American Jobs



Barack Obama, who doesn’t seem to notice the world is on fire, has full command of his pen and phone. He is circumventing Congress again because they don’t want to do what he wants, which is to okay mass immigration of foreign workers to take middle class jobs from Americans. The program that would pave the way is the L-1B visa scheme which allows for limitless immigration of lowly-paid workers which good technical skills.

Obama is talking about “hundreds of thousands” to replace U.S. workers.

We can have our own slave labor here just like China.

During the Select USA Investment Summit held at Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, National Harbor where 2500+ who-is-who of global business leaders from 70 countries and 1300 companies were present, Barack obama said, “My administration is going to reform the L-1B visa category, which allows corporations to temporarily move workers from a foreign office to a U.S. office in a faster, simpler way. And this could benefit hundreds of thousands of non-immigrant workers and their employers.”

His globalist, socialist, 1%er friends love it!

The L-1B program is obscure. Obama must have insiders working on finding these scams day and night. It will allow employers to avoid prohibitions on using cheap foreign labor to replace American workers.

The L-1B program is not capped and allows large numbers of foreign workers. Salaries are also not restricted and companies can pay the workers what they want right after they fire their American workers. They can pay Third World wages in U.S. dollars and they do. It’s profitable.

There is nothing that says crony socialism more than this type of cooperation between government and business.

In 2003, Bloomberg exposed a major fraud taking place between the government of India and a U.S. company, Siemans USA who were doing it through this program. In 2006, the Inspector General exposed more fraud in the program.

It’s now being resuscitated by the outsourcer-in-chief.

Fraud won’t stop Barack Obama. In fact, he is going to defraud the American worker using this program. There is a reason the average wages have gone down since he’s been in office – it’s his policies – like this one.

While this won’t help American workers, it will help companies all over the world, especially Indian ITs.

The claim is that it generates $20 billion in business. If true, then Obama shouldn’t mind letting the appropriate people discuss it and vote on it – the U.S. Congress.

Participants in the event included globalists like Secretary of State John Kerry, Google Inc. Chairman Eric Schmidt, BMW North America Chief Executive Officer Ludwig Willisch and Michelin North America Inc. President Pete Selleck, Iconic investor Warren Buffet.

There are no controls on a government without Congress. It can do anything it wants and for all the wrong reasons. It won’t just be Republicans affected by this lawless government, it will be everyone. We can’t discard the rule of law and the Congress without paying a universally high price.

This is outsourcing, there is no other word for it. This is at a time when more than 92 million American workers have left the workforce and black unemployment is at 10.5%.

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