Obama Attempted to Destabilize Egypt and Bahrain


Obama's image in Egypt

Protesters in Egypt carrying a sign with Obama’s photo and the words ‘Obama and Paterson support terrorism in Egypt’

According to former Joint Chiefs chairman, Gen. Hugh Shelton, Barack Obama attempted to destabilize Egypt in 2013 in support of the ruling Muslim Brotherhood. The move was precipitated by unrest in the country. Egyptian Defense Minister Abdul Fatah Sisi detected the plot and led the coup against Morsi.

Obama supported the terrorist group – the Muslim Brotherhood – in Egypt. Why?

Shelton said, “Had Gen. Al Sisi not deposed Morsi, Egypt would have today become another Syria and its military would have been destroyed.”

Wherever Mr. Obama goes, so goes chaos.

Shelton said that the Obama administration also helped lead the Shi’ite revolt in Bahrain. Obama saw Bahrain as ‘easy prey’ and hoped it would serve to collapse the Gulf Cooperation Council with the end result of having giant oil companies controlling oil in the Gulf.

If this is true, it’s ironic. George W Bush was continually attacked for supporting Big Oil.

Bahrain’s King Hamad foiled the plot in 2011 according to Shelton. It left US relations with Bahrain and Saudi Arabia severely damaged.

So much for Mr. Obama’s reset of our relations with the mid-East.

This is according to World Tribune report.


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