Obama Avoids Gun Control – Re-Election Is More Important


ABC News White House correspondent, Jake Tapper, Tweeted a message Sunday night indicating that President Obama has no appetite for advancing his agenda on gun control legislation – and for good reason.

Despite the tragic event in Aurora, Colorado, Obama has something far more important on his plate – his own re-election as President of the United States, and this is most certainly NOT the time for an embattled candidate to alienate several million voters by advocating more gun control, despite the fact that such has been his plan all along.  It would, of course, be much better to get re-elected first and then be assured of four more years in which to advance his socialist state agenda on the American people, including several steps to render the Second Amendment moot.

An immediate visit to Aurora (which we commend) to console the families of those murdered, along with the hospitalized wounded is about as far as the president cares to go at this particular time.  To try and take advantage of Aurora by getting on the gun control bandwagon with New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, the Brady Campaign (among others in positions of influence and/or authority) with just a little over three months left before Election Day is just too great a risk to take.

Besides, Obama has a different plan in place and undoubtedly prefers to play the UN treaty card – set to trigger (pardon the play on words) at the end of this month.  In effect, the UN treaty card would allow his gun control program to advance in concert with an international program, thus focusing attention somewhere other than the White House and, namely, President Barack H. Obama.

As is the case with nearly every politician, re-election for Obama is more important than any other matter – political or otherwise.  In this particular case, that’s too bad, because if Obama opened that can of worms it would most assuredly seal his fate as a one-term president.

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