Obama Beats Tiger!


The media is very upset with Barack Obama. You heard me right. It’s true. They are upset that he is not accessible. They are not upset because he is not accessible over Benghazi, North Korea, Iran or the economy however, they are upset because they weren’t allowed access to him, their Daddy, while he played a round of golf with Tiger Woods on vacation, which is none of their business anyway.

The swooning media could not wait to divulge Tiger’s flattering comments about the president who said,

“He was my partner, and as I said, we won,” Woods told reporters at a press conference after a practice round at the WGC-Accenture Matchplay Championship in Arizona.

“He hit the ball well, and he’s got an amazing touch. He can certainly chip and putt,” Woods said of Obama. “If he … spends more time playing the game of golf, I’m sure he can get to where he’s got pretty good stick” — golf-aficionados’ terminology for a talented game. [Yahoo news]

Some in the media bellowed, “Obama beat Tiger,” not exactly accurate but that was quickly silenced. I did hear that Barack won and was a great chipper and putter ad nauseum. I wish Barack would quit his day job and go on the golf circuit.

Because of our connections here at the Sentinel, we were able to get two exclusive shots of Tiger and Barack golfing.

Barack did beat Tiger!

Obama golfing with Tiger



Obama beats Tiger

I expect the NY Times to post this since they are easily duped. Check it out.

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