Obama Befriends the Castro Brothers, Can Russian Missiles Be Far Behind? – Videos


Mr. Obama reversed 50 years of foreign policy and further entrenched the hold the Castro brothers have over their impoverished people by establishing full diplomatic relations with Cuba today. Some believe this will help Cubans move towards democracy but there is absolutely no evidence that will happen.

Isn’t Mr. Obama actually saying that isolating this vicious regime won’t work as well as financially helping them and allowing a free flow of information and business between us which could infiltrate our society and our government?

He is going to allow Cuba to extend their power into the Summit of the Americas.

Mr. Obama said 50 years of isolation hasn’t worked. Really? For whom?

Mr. Obama wants to help the impoverished people of Cuba but Cuba currently trades with every other nation in the world and trade with our “unexceptional nation” will not change that.

Mr. Obama made his announcement today which can be heard in the video below.

Alan Gross who was falsely imprisoned by the criminal and communist government of Cuba nearly five years ago was exchanged for three criminal Cuban spies who are responsible for the downing of American jets over international airspace and the deaths of Americans. Fifty-three Cuban protesters have been released but they can be rearrested tomorrow.

Tens of thousands more were not released.

Also released was a U.S. agent.

Mr. Obama said the prisoner swap was a separate deal but they happened concurrently so no one believes him.

The Pope helped in the negotiations for the prisoner release and beyond, providing Obama with cover, as did the release of Mr. Gross.

While everyone is happy Mr. Gross is free, the price was too high, but Mr. Obama is the man who traded five Taliban terrorists for one army deserter.

Cuba cooperates fully with Iran and Russia, allowing both dictatorships to set up shop in Cuba. Cuba has been actively and efficiently spying on the U.S., utilizing their training by Russian agents.

If Russia wants to put missiles up in Cuba, will Obama stop them? Of course not. He’ll probably say, send us some cigars and Rum and you can have the missiles.

Cuba will more easily be able to spy on us. Any Cuban who jumps a visa will be allowed to stay.

Cuba has control over Venezuela’s new leaders, a violent Socialist regime that bitterly opposes the United States. Cuba has set up a satellite government in Venezuela.

There is no support at this time for lifting the Embargo but who knows what will happen since he has a pen and phone. Mr. Obama has done everything but and condemns the Embargo.

Mr. Obama is also planning to open an embassy on the island, The Associated Press reports.

How long before we give them financial aid in an attempt to buy them off further?

Far-left Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said in a press release prior to the president’s speech today that the decision is a “force for positive change”.

“Opening the door with Cuba for trade, travel, and the exchange of ideas will create a force for positive change in Cuba that more than 50 years of our current policy of exclusion could not achieve,” Durbin said in his release.

We’re going to exchange ideas with communist dictators?

The Internet will be open between our nations.

He will have our healthcare workers work with Cuban healthcare workers to cure Ebola.

Cuba is on the U.S. list of states sponsoring terrorism throughout the world, which it does indeed do. Mr. Obama will take them off the list though there is no justification to do so. There is, however, justification for keeping them on the list.

In addition, we will help fund their brutal government with tourism, trade options and other resources we will share.

This is a policy of appeasement at best. A communist dictatorship will not change its ways by our propping them up financially.

Obama’s new second in command in the State department, Anthony Blinken, said: “The president has views on how to try to move, help move Cuba in a democratic direction, to help support people moving in that direction, and, you know, if he has an opportunity, I’m sure that’s something he would want to pursue,” Blinken said. “But it depends on Cuba and the actions that they take.”

If that is truly what the president thinks, he is naive and, as Sen. Marco Rubio said, he is the worst negotiator since Jimmy Carter.

While attending the funeral of Nelson Mandela, Obama went out of his way to shake hands with Raul Castro. He looked extremely weak. With that handshake, he was letting the world know he was open to normalizing relations.

While Obama is pretending this change in policy only happened as a result of the prisoner exchange, the signs have been there for years.

Communists associated with Cuba are tied to the communist/anarchist Occupy Wall Street and Ferguson Justice for All movements.

Watch Mr. Obama’s speech:

Mr. Obama hates our allies like Bibi Netanyahu but loves to make friends with communist terrorists. I don’t doubt that if al-Baghdadi asked for a treaty, he’d be receptive.

Congress was only notified last evening but the Castros knew earlier.

Sen. Marco Rubio, whose family was victimized by the Cuban communist leaders, commented today prior to Obama’s speech:


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