Obama Betrayed Israel, Made a Secret Deal with Iran, Lied to Americans About It


The July 2015 nuclear deal between P5+1 and Iran mandates Iran cut uranium enrichment activities in exchange for sanctions relief. There have been rumors of secret side deals and on Friday we found out about one of them. Iran is allowed to “keep low-enriched uranium in various forms beyond what’s allowed under the nuclear deal”.

We were told the uranium was non-recoverable but it is in fact – recoverable.

The Weekly Standard reported that the International Atomic Energy Agency on Friday posted documents revealing exemptions in January allowing them to stockpile uranium in excess of the 300 kilogram limit set under the deal.

Trump planned to make the secret arrangement public, thus promoting the publication.

The United Nations nuclear watchdog and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) made the  documents public.

The uranium is “deemed unrecoverable” for use in a nuclear weapon but there is no language preventing them from recovering it. They say they won’t build a facility to recover it but they could.

It’s an honor system with terrorists.

If Iran decides to break out as a nuclear nation, they would build such a facility in secret and therefore the material should probably not be deemed non-recoverable.

The State Department under Swiftboat Kerry, deliberately distorted the meaning of non-recoverable. They suggested there was no way to recover it.

The US has given these terrorists at least 1.7 billion dollars in cold hard cash in the dead of night with the Revolutionary Guard flying the plane containing the money. They did it in exchange for hostages and since the release of the hostages, they’ve taken several more.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama completely and utterly betrayed Israel by allowing a U.N. resolution to go through this week that will make peace much harder. The resolution essentially says Israel has no land with which to bargain.

What else don’t we know?

Obama betrayed Israel and the United States and Iran knows he lied to the American public.

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