Obama Blames Terrorism and Refugees on the Weather


Obama liar

Yes, he did go there! It’s the weather at the core of terrorism and refugees. They need better jobs, dammit.

Barack Obama is at the Paris summit lying his fool head off with embellished, bombastic, rhapsodic language we have not heard since 2008.  After a bleak and melodramatic introduction about this being “the moment”, Barack Obama blamed climate change for “conflicts” aka terrorism and for refugees. If any one thing is to blame for ISIS and refugees, it’s his feckless foreign policy and his handling of wars as well as his and Hillary’s war in Libya.

“The sea is swallowing villages…the tundra burns…it’s the preview of one possible future,” Obama stated. After consulting his crystal ball, he said, “It’s happening faster than our countries can address. Submerged countries, abandoned cities, fields that no longer grow, political disruptions trigger new conflict and more floods and desperate peoples seeking the sanctuary of nations not their own.”

As an aside, the reason the tundras burn is in large part due to man’s incompetent handling of nature. Read about that here.

Everyone wants to work towards a cleaner planet and of course economic refugees are affected by droughts and the like but it’s always been and terrorism is caused by people like the totalitarian religious fanatics of Islam. The weather has always changed and all of Obama’s predictions are based on computer-generated predictions and for that, he wants to destroy our economy. Coincidentally, it works well with his goal of destroying capitalism. It will be a great tool for the statists to crush capitalism and they haven’t been shy about saying so.

The man who doesn’t give two hoots about Yazidi and Christian slaughter, really does care about his communist climate change agenda. His words exposed the bloviating Obama who often hides behind a lethargic man who speaks in a flat, unemotional way, often appearing much like one on drugs.

All the countries who want our money are undoubtedly praising his speech.



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