Obama Broke the Siege, Crisis Over, Let’s Party


dancing in vineyard

Barack Obama dancing the night away at the Vineyard.

Barack Obama looked tired during his speech Thursday, probably the result of his exhausting partying the night before. He announced that we broke the siege of ISIS and we probably don’t need to help the Yazidis on the mountain any longer.

All is well now, move on, nothing to see here.

In his speech Thursday, he greatly overstated the resolution to the crisis in Iraq. In fact, he lied. He said they don’t need our humanitarian intervention any longer and about 300 of our combat troops will be leaving in a few days. There will be some military left behind to protect our consulate.

The Pentagon said there are only several thousand on Mt. Sinjar and we don’t need to intervene because there aren’t enough people to warrant it.

ISIS didn’t suddenly stop raping and murdering women and children, annihilating Christians, and seizing property and land. Hundreds of thousands are fleeing ISIS for their lives. They are worth $2 billion, have an army of 15,000 and control over a total of 40,000 to 50,000 who fight with them, and they  are determined to see us in New York.

Mr. Obama will not try to defeat ISIS either apparently, but he will continue to protect our consulate. Obama has no strategy and no way forward.

This amazing turn of events – his pronouncement that the crisis is over – came as al-Maliki resigned. That resignation has been uppermost in his mind. Obama is only interested in the politics of any given situation.

He said there will be some air strikes. The Kurds might be abandoned in all of this because he said once again that the Iraqis have to do it for themselves.

Last night, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, an Obama puppet, said that there was no longer any need to continue helping the Yazidis on Mt Sinjar. There are only several thousand of them on the mountain. Hagel callously said that there was no place to take them anyway.

The Yazidis have enough provisions for now, he added.

The temperatures go up to 110 degrees!

The U.N. is saying something quite different.


President Obama allegedly went into Libya for humanitarian reasons but that doesn’t seem to hold sway in this case. The slaughter is continuing as it did in Syria and Christians are being wiped out. Obama sees the Christians as only one cog in the wheel.

This was only last evening:

This was the night before last:

You can’t believe a thing this administration says. Remember when he said al Qaeda is on the run:

Team Obama is either delusional or deceitful.

There is one ominous event coming up this weekend. Obama is traveling to D.C. for the weekend and we don’t know why. One thing is certain, it won’t be good for Republicans. I’d like to hear he is traveling to D.C. out of concern for the Iraqis, because of Putin’s advances in Ukraine, to close our borders, but none of those issues would be compelling to Mr. Obama.




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