Obama Can’t Figure Out the Motive of the Orlando Terror Attacker



The shooter in Orlando is tied to ISIS and had a G4s security clearance. He worked for a security firm in Jupiter, passing all tests to obtain guns. He was known to the FBI since 2013.

Another man was arrested on a tip today as he was traveling to the Gay Pride parade in Los Angeles carrying possible explosives and rifles with ammo. The car had Indiana plates and he had the components of a pipe bomb.

Remarkably law enforcement in LA are telling the people they are safe and they have no reason to believe there is an ongoing terror threat.

The shooting in Orlando, Florida is tied to ISIS and that has been confirmed. The terrorist was shouting Allahu Akbar in the street and in the nightclub.

The president said in a speech that the slaughter of 50 people and the wounding of 53 was an attack but he doesn’t know what the motives are. He never used the words Islamic, radical Islamic, or any other realistic term.

His mentioning of his concern for LGBTs falls a little flat because he certainly isn’t protecting them. Shall we wait until they are being thrown off buildings in this country?

Apparently the terrorist’s ties to ISIS, including a 9/11 call to them at the time of the attack, was not a dead giveaway. Omar Mateen, the terrorist, pledged allegiance to ISIS in the moments before the attack.

The president called it murder and a massacre, saying they don’t know the motivation and only know that the shooter was filled with hate. He mentioned “terror” but that was as close as he got to describing it accurately.

Obama politicized the terror attack, saying this is about gun violence and it’s to easy to get a gun in this country.

The shooter worked in security and passed all tests to have a weapon, however.

Obama is trying to define down what terrorism is and reduce it to terrorism only if ISIS comes over as an army waving a black ISIS flag on their way over. That’s a dangerous viewpoint and it’s insane.

Attacks “inspired by” are still terror attacks.

The Islamic State has just taken credit for the terror attack in Orlando and this was broadcast from their own media. They usually don’t announce responsibility so quickly over their official media but maybe they are tired of the president pretending it’s not what it is.

He’s beginning to repulse me. Fifty, FIFTY people are dead, Fifty-three are seriously wounded and he’s trying to say it’s gun violence. It’s very disappointing. He’s not protecting us.



  1. Obama the Islamic Group has acknowledged this was planned and thank God they foiled the one that was going to be done in los angeles

  2. Yeah, this is a mass shooting, and December 7th, 1941, was a mass bombardment of Pearl Harbor. Stop with the increasingly ridiculous labeling of another terrorist attack on American soil as a mass shooting. They are at war with us!

  3. amazing how they claim to have all these details nobody else has … makes me wonder who or what section of ISIS this writer is connected with

  4. I’ve got his speech right here I’m pretty sure this will be the speech he gives

    this was not a terrorist attack on my watch, I will not stand for citizens of this country to blame Muslims , I will not stand for that, that kind of talk is not allowed in this country , you will not blame Muslims for this mass shooting, calling this a terrorist attack is not allowed and those that speak publicly about this being a terrorist attack perpetrated by Muslim extremists or Islamic terrorists……….. will be met with severe punishment and time in prison and forced to pay 900 billion dollars in fines…………..

    mark my words……..

    attorney general Lynch ……will put you in prison for 100 yrs if you speak about this public….. and say it’s a terrorist attack orchestrated by a Muslim extremist … that this man was an Islamic terrorist hell-bent on killing gay citizens
    don’t challenge me,…. I’m Barack Obama……. I am the President……. I can put people in prison for opening their mouth and saying ” Muslim terrorist ” or ” islamic terrorist ” or even say the word homosexual Muslim jihadist hell-bent on killing gays because it’s against Islam
    if I hear about any American citizen in this country saying ” Islamic terrorists ” were responsible for this horrific shooting at one of my favorite nightclubs in Florida and you mention that it was a Muslim extremist that did this ……..you will all go to prison for 100 years
    it was not a terrorist attack in any way shape or form , it had nothing to do with Islam and punishing people for being gay
    it was not a terrorist attack orchestrated by Islamic Muslim extremists
    This was not a muslim jihadist,
    this was a misunderstanding between two gay men in a back room if the club
    It was not Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with that term this was a misunderstanding between two gay men and the sexual acts they were performing on each other

    Imagine if this will be word for word coming out of that devout homosexual Muslim

    I’m thinking that Barack Hussein Obama will make sure that any records, anything that connects this Muslim terrorist to this shooting are destroyed or locked up 199 years so investigators hands are tied and they can’t find out what else omar was planning or his contacts…
    his contacts will be protected by Barack Obama he will have his people go to Omars apartment and lock it down so investigators can’t investigate this crime committed by a Muslim terrorist, if this gay club Shooter had any contacts in the United States Barack Obama will round them up and protect them probably hire them and have them work at the White House so he can give them executive privilege and they won’t have to talk to investigators our president stands with the Muslims when they attack America he will protect anybody connected to this homosexual terrorist because Barack Obama stands with the Muslims when they attack America he will stand and protect the Muslim shooter and his associates not the American people the Muslims are shooting at

    • I think we need to go back to reinforcing the 1952 law that states that it is illegal for Muslims to immigrate to the states. And get rid of gun free zones. I guarantee that if someone else would’ve had a gun, the carnage wouldn’t have been anywhere near what it was.

      • Gun free zones are a joke! Get rid of them asap. If that club had employees who had been properly vetted, and trained in the use of firearms that Islamic Terrorist (yes Mr. O that’s what he was) wouldn’t have caused such horrific damage.
        Stop the government’s wholesale give away of American rights to those who wish to kill us and destroy our way of life.

  5. It is so sad to see you, the only person alive who is trying to keep from classing this as a terrorist attack. Do you not understand how stupid your speech makes you look? This guy admitted he was a terrorist, on tape, and yet you refuse to use the words…what a real dickhead you are….

  6. To President Obama and Presidential Candidate H. R. Clinton. Please do all of the people of Wisconsin a huge favor and don’t come campaigning here, we don’t need your ignorance.

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