Obama Circumvents SCOTUS to Go After Hobby Lobby




The Obama administration has made it clear that they are unhappy with the Supreme Court decision which upheld the Religious Freedom Restoration Act for companies like Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Woods. They’ve come up with a way to circumvent the decision and levy devastating fines against companies like these and religious organizations like Little Sisters of the Poor and Christian colleges and broadcasters like EWTN.

Obama’s HHS has published a new fact sheet of revised rules that will affect these companies and organizations.

The rules add another layer of  accounting tricks to the current accounting trick which will still require religious organizations to violate their conscience and pay for abortifacients and birth control.

This is the kind of thing they do in budding Banana Republics.

The government wants nuns, monks, Mennonites (Conestoga Woods), Evangelicals to pay for abortifacients as the price for staying in business. There is something inherently evil in that.

Arina Grossu, Director for the Center for Human Dignity at the Family Research Council told LifeNews – with regard to two new HHS rules – “it’s the threat of crippling fines on non-profits who stand up for their freedom of conscience.”

The added accounting gimmick fails to protect Americans with conscientious objections. It violates religious freedom. The employer would remain the legal gateway by which these drugs and services would be provided to employees.

The latest rule will still order charities like the Little Sisters of the Poor to violate their consciences because they legally contract for health coverage. As Grossu says, “The government uses their contract as the basis to force their insurers to provide their employees with free contraception and drugs that can kill human embryos, against their sincere conscientious beliefs.”

“If these charities and non-profits follow their conscience and decline to participate in the meaningless accounting gimmick, the administration will make them pay huge penalties accruable on a daily basis — one hundred dollars per employee per day,” she said.

It’s another layer that brings them all to the same place.

I take back what I said about Banana Republics. This is what they do in budding communist regimes.

Full story: Life News


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