Obama Circumvents SCOTUS to Win The Next Blue State of Texas



The Obama administration announced Thursday that it will aggressively circumvent the Supreme Court’s recent ruling striking down a key part of the Voting Rights Act. It is one step in a plan to turn Texas blue before 2016.

AG Eric Holder told the National Urban league conference in Philadelphia that the DOJ will ask a federal judge to subject Texas to oversight by the DOJ every time they attempt to make a change in their voting laws. He will do this via a lawsuit to be filed by Democratic Latino lawmakers in Texas.

After the SCOTUS decision, Texas passed a voter ID law. The only reason Holder could be opposed to it is because he wants unauthorized people to vote.

This is the Obama administration response to the only SCOTUS decision in recent years that supports Republican causes.

Earlier this year, SCOTUS invalidated a legislative formula that mandated parts or all of 15 states clear all voting changes in advance with the DOJ or federal court because it is a dated formula and was based on the bigotry of the mid-20th century. The justices, however, left intact a rarely-used mechanism that allows judges to impose the same pre-clearance requirements on states and localities found to have intentionally discriminated illegally in voting practices.

Holder plans to abuse this little-used law, meant for actual acts of discrimination, to circumvent the SCOTUS ruling. He is going after Texas because that is where the liberals have their sights set as a campaign base. If they win Texas, they win the nation, according to some Democratic analysts.

Democrats are pouring money into elections in Texas. They are planning to turn Texas blue according to the WSJ. Hispanics, who overwhelmingly vote Democratic, are now 38% of the population of Texas. Democrats know that if they can get them to turn out for the vote, even the ones here illegally, the Democrats have a good shot at turning the state.

Democrats claim there are three million unregistered Hispanics and Blacks who are eligible to vote in Texas, which has a low voter turnout. Democrats are targeting these allegedly eligible people. This is another reason the race hustlers have to stir up their minority base.

Democrats are planning the next elections in advance by getting their ground game together. Part of that game is to get people ineligible to vote out to vote. If Texas can control the unauthorized vote, it will stymie their efforts. Holder will not allow it. The same effort is underway in South Carolina, another Conservative stronghold.

People voting illegally is a big business and a productive one. After an election in which unauthorized people have voted once, twice or more – except for a random case here-and-there – it is almost impossible to do anything about it.

Republicans will never win another presidential election without Texas.

Holder will say his actions are about racial discrimination but what they are really about is winning Texas and making the United States a one-party nation.


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