Breaking…Barack Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning’s Sentence


Barack Obama commuted the sentence of 209 convicts, mostly African-American drug dealers, one was serving a life sentence. The commutations included Chelsea Manning who will be freed in May of this year. She was serving a 35-year sentence, reports Bloomberg News.

Manning was arrested in 2010 after leaking 700,000 classified military files and diplomatic cables to Wikileaks. Her sentence is said to have exceeded that received by other individuals recently convicted of releasing classified material. The NY Times has a good summary. The charges were very serious. Manning offered no defense and apologized. Barack Obama offered no evidence-based reason for commuting the sentence.

She has twice attempted to commit suicide while incarcerated, and went on a hunger strike in an effort to get the Army to allow her to undertake gender reassignment surgery.

Chelsea Manning is transgender.
Chelsea Manning is transgender formerly known as Bradley.

There is some blatant hypocrisy here.

Barack Obama and the Democrats called the unclassified political leaks by Wikileaks a national security threat, but the person who fed them hundreds of thousands of secret military intelligence is okay? Manning is a hero but Assange is a criminal the Democrats want to drone?

Ben Stein said, “we’re seeing the real Barack Obama”.

“We’re seeing the real Barack Obama, an extremely race-based left wing ideologue,” Stein said. “The great majority of these people, the sentences that he’s commuting are African Americans. He’s showing himself to be anti-law and order. I hate to say this, but anti-military. I love the fact that he’s commuting the sentence of the person involved in leaking and the Democrats are going screaming berserk and leaks that hurt the Democrats in the campaign. If it’s a leak that hurts somebody else, that’s fine.”

Obama also pardoned former Marine General James Cartwright, who was convicted of making false statements to federal investigators as they probed whether he leaked details of a cyberattack on Iran’s nuclear program. He pleaded guilty in October, and prosecutors have requested a two-year prison sentence.

Why not pardon General Petraeus?

The White House won’t rule out a pardon for Edward Snowden.

Julian Assange said he’d turn himself in if Manning was let go. Will that happen?

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