Obama Complains About Slow, Messy Democracy While in Germany



Barack Obama was in Hannover, Germany over the past few days complaining about our slow, messy democracy and the problem of having a Congress. It’s something he has said many times before.

He started out with his usual nasty low-blow attack on Congress. It’s hard to understand why he’s complaining. He ignores Congress anyway.

“Democracy, I understand, can be messy. It can be slow. It can be frustrating. I know that. I have to deal with a Congress. (Laughter)

He likes one big government apparatus but doesn’t want to see rule by oppression, yet, he is trying to silence the free speech of climate deniers, people who are concerned about radical Islam, and others.

“We have to constantly work to make sure government is not a collection of distant, detached institutions,” he pontificated, “but is connected and responsive to the everyday concerns of our people. There’s no doubt that how a united Europe works together can be improved. But look around the world — at authoritarian governments and theocracies that rule by fear and oppression — there is no doubt that democracy is still the most just and effective form of government ever created.”(Applause)


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