Obama Could Order US Military to Break the Law Over GITMO


Obama does GITMO

Barack Obama told the world today that he will look for a secure location in the United States to hold the remaining GITMO detainees. It’s illegal but the White House would not rule out violating the law with an executive order.

“We’re going to work with Congress to find a secure location in the United States to hold remaining detainees,” he said.

There is no evidence that GITMO is being used as a propaganda or recruitment tool but he is using that as a basis for this demand. He will let Congress review his proposal but has suggested he will do it anyway on a number of occasions.

When Barack Obama signed NDAA in November, he approved a new law making it illegal to transfer detainees from Guantanamo Bay to prisons on U.S. soil. It was approved by many Democrats. It does not prevent him, however, from releasing the prisoners which is what he has been doing.

Congress will never go along with this move and in order to do it Obama will have to order US military to violate the law.

If Obama tries to close the facility and move detainees to U.S. soil via executive action, he will be doing so in clear violation of the law, Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-New Hampshire, said in November.

“This is not something the American people want to see happen with Guantanamo, and so the president needs to follow the law and the law is very clear on this,” she said.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Ash Carter have said it would be illegal to transfer Guantanamo detainees to the U.S. under current law.

The Defense Secretary told Zakaria in January that because some Guantanamo detainees are too dangerous to ever be released to another country, the only option is to move them to the U.S.

“Here’s the issue,” Carter said. “There are people in Gitmo who are so dangerous that we cannot transfer them to the custody of another government no matter how much we trust them … So the reality is that this portion of the Gitmo population has to be incarcerated somewhere.”

Therefore, according to Carter, if the U.S. is going to close Guantanamo, the only place to move these detainees “would have to be in the United States.”

Allegedly, Congress will be ready to respond if the president takes illegal action.

Having terrorists on US soil means we can expect terrorists’ families to come to the US to visit them. It will be their right. Once on US soil, far-left terrorist-sympathizing lawyers will be able to work on behalf of these people. They will also be free to radicalize prisoners.

Obama had the audacity to tell us what our values are again in today’s speech. We must “uphold the values that define us as Americans”, he said.

Obama said today that the government will “accelerate the periodic reviews of remaining detainees to determine whether their continued detention is necessary. Our review board which includes representatives from across the government, will continue to look at all relevant information including current intelligence, and if certain detainees no longer pose a significant threat, they may be eligible to transfer to another country as well.”

His review board is hand-selected and they are releasing high risk detainees who are often returning to the battlefield. One is now a major spokesman for the al Qaeda terror magazine, Inspire.

Obama told Yahoo in December that “only a handful” of Gitmo detainees have returned to a life of terrorism but it is in fact 191 who have returned – that we know of. One was captured today in a terrorist bust in Spain.

Remarkably, big spender Obama is concerned about the costs of keeping the prison open and dealing with the lawsuits. He isn’t concerned about the costs of those far-left lawyers who will accelerate their lawsuits for all manner of rights at taxpayer expense and more.

“…I have to say with respect to these commission, they are very costly. They have resulted in years of litigation without a resolution. We are outlining additional outlines to improve these commissions. We’ll be consulting in the near future on that issue.”

Obama will work with Congress to find a secure location on US soil – even though there is a law against it.

Congress really should comply – the White House grounds would serve well as a terrorist prison with some minor alterations. In fact, make them presidential guards. It’s what he did for Ambassador Stevens. The 17th Brigade was infiltrated with terrorists.

Meanwhile, let’s all try to figure out how closing GITMO enhances our national security and how we become “safer” by moving the world’s worst terrorists to the US.

From one who was there – GITMO is a Muslim resort.


  • Time is growing short. I have no doubt he will not hesitate to order our military people to break the law. After all, he has amassed a MOUNTAIN of laws he has already broken. Consequences…any?

    There are many people of the opinion Obama will try his might to instigate enough civil unrest to spark a full blown citizen/military revolt which would enable him to declare a state of Martial Law. Wah Lah, no 2016 elections.

    Just saying…………..