Obama Demands Israel Give Palestinians Control Over the West Bank



Palestinian Authority, a terrorist organization. Photo via FrontPageMagazine

According to a World Tribune exclusive, the Obama Administration is demanding that Israel allow Palestinians joint control over the border with Jordan. Obama has a multi-stage security plan that would give Palestinians control over the entire West Bank with some areas administered by the Israeli Army. Palestinians will not accept the deal because they want Israel to have no presence on the border. They called it an occupation.

Israel’s Defense Minister, Danny Danon ruled that out as a possibility.

“The Americans are proposing joint control over the crossing points (into Jordan),” Danny Danon told Israel’s army radio. 

“From the Israeli point of view, there will not be any Palestinian presence at the crossing points,” said the deputy minister, who is a member of Netanyahu’s Likud party. 

“An Israeli civilian and military presence in the Jordan Valley is essential.”

John Kerry has been trying to force through the ‘‘budding proposal.’ He demanded an immediate discussion of this plan which was drawn up by Gen. John Allen. Kerry said Allen has a ‘very special role’ in assessing threats to Israel and ensuring security.

Netanyahu met with Kerry but has not commented. In the past, Netanyahu has vowed that Israel would not abandon the Jordan Valley.

Jordan is already in grave danger of being toppled because of the influx of Syrian refugees, many of whom are Islamic radicals.

Mr. Obama – Israel’s best friend – wants a Palestinian state in the West Bank to sit alongside the Hamas state in the Gaza strip.

Obama’s comments to the Palestinians included this: ‘They (Palestinians) don’t get everything they want on day one.’ That appears to insinuate they will get everything they want eventually.

Mr. Obama is a reparations believer and he will not stop until he succeeds in a two-state solution which will endanger Israel’s existence. Consider this plan which will allow the foxes to guard the henhouse.



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