Obama Destroying Middle Class Workers with Illegal Work Permits


NogalesSince 2009, Barack Obama has issued 5.5 million work permits without going through Congress and without the knowledge of the American public.

Filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch expressed his theory as to why Mr. Obama is doing this on Fox & Friends Sunday morning.

The workers coming in depress the wages of Americans, he said, the middle class then has to take entitlements. When the middle class relies on the government, the transformation is complete. The middle class will vote to protect the entitlements and we end up with a one party system.

One could also say that is what Obamacare is about. It’s greatly increased handouts in the form of subsidies and increased Medicaid.

Lynch said, If you hand out this many visas, you can’t claim you care about the American worker. This crushes the American worker.

The permits are the gateway to driver’s licenses and further documentation. We have been warned by the FBI that documentation is the quickest way to another 9-11. Of the permits given out, 50 of the recipients were suspected of fraud, 1,000 were stowaways and 25,000 were parolees.

Mr. Obama knowingly gave work permits to criminals.

The only way to stop it is to send these people home.

More information on the illegal work permits here

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