Obama Distracts Public with Devastating Climate Change Agenda


While President Obama is being humiliated by China and Russia over the Snowden affair, and while scandals are fulminating in the background, Obama is ignoring them and putting his wide-ranging plan and potentially devastating plan for climate change before the public. He presented it to Congress about 4 hours ago and will give a speech about it later Tuesday.

Obama will circumvent Congress and the Constitution to curb emissions from coal plants using executive powers and EPA rules. It isn’t just coal under attack, it is all fossil fuels.

He is launching his greatest offensive in his war on fossil fuels in the name of climate change.

In fairness, there is $8 billion in the bill to make fossil fuels more efficient.

The bill is going to cost a great deal of money to implement. There are hundreds of millions and billions set aside throughout the bill. It’s one big climate change stimulus bill.

According to the report, “The Environmental Protection Agency and the Departments of Agriculture, Energy, Interior, Labor, and Transportation will develop a comprehensive, interagency methane strategy. The group will focus on assessing current emissions data, addressing data gaps, identifying technologies and best practices for reducing emissions, and identifying existing authorities and incentive-based opportunities to reduce methane emissions.”

His targets are “from coal mines and landfills to agriculture and oil and gas development.”

He also targets every natural resource in the United States. What effect this will have on farmers, fishermen, and private lands we have yet to discover but we can expect a lot more big government in every aspect of our lives.

He will funnel more money into cost-ineffective green energy, a favorite of the statists and a lucrative venture for his rich cronies. The plan also calls for expediting their applications. In the past that has meant insufficient oversight of failing companies who were awarded great sums of federal tax dollars.

He will increase fuel standards, making cars more expensive than ever. Heavy-duty vehicles used for businesses are under particular scrutiny. By 2025, he wants them to reach 54.5 mpg. This is meant to push the auto industry into green energy with batteries that explode.

Obama is going to require more efficient appliances and pay people to buy them with our tax dollars. He will require federal buildings to meet tough new standards. Other buildings and homes cannot be far behind. Federal buildings must be 20% more efficient by 2020. The percentage and date are arbitrary.

He also plans to knock down trade barriers to climate-friendly goods and services, enhance cooperation with India, China and other polluters, and curb US support for overseas coal plant construction. This is part of his vision as world leader in the area of climate change.

None of this would be a bad thing if it were not for the extremism that underlies it all.

Meanwhile China made fools of us and Putin continues to do so by pretending he didn’t know Snowden was coming to Russia. Putin is also claiming Snowden didn’t actually cross the border. This was after Putin said he would entertain giving Snowden asylum. None of that matters to the president. After all, we did reset our relationship with Russia.

All that matters is shutting down coal plants and making certain our gasoline, oil and electricity prices skyrocket so we have no choice but to go to the extremely expensive green energy.

Obama thinks these actions will drive down the cost of green energy but it won’t because it is too corrupted with wealthy special interest groups hoping to make a killing.

Obama wants a presence on the world stage, even if it is as someone who bankrupted the American public to achieve his climate change legacy. It is about him after all.

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