Obama Has Stopped Deporting People Here Illegally


Mr. Obama is preventing deportations of illegal aliens, even criminals while boosting deportation numbers with phony statistics. He doesn’t need an amnesty bill because he is doing it anyway, as Marco Rubio said he would. He is ruled by Fiat.

According to a Center for Immigration (CIS) report, “Total deportations in 2011, the latest year for which complete numbers are available, numbered 715,495 – the lowest level since 1973. The highest number of deportations on record was in 2000, under the Clinton administration, when 1,864,343 aliens were deported.”

“The 364,700 deportations in FY2013 “are the lowest since the fiscal year 2007.” And those numbers are most exaggerated because reportedly “more than half of those are immigrants caught at the border but put through ICE deportation proceedings.” Mr. Obama is counting border arrests as removals, something which would not have been counted as deportations before, so he can artificially raise the numbers of deportations.

Of the 1.8 million aliens scheduled for deportation, only 2% are in custody, which is the only way to guarantee deportation. In other words, they will disappear into the fabric of society. Half of the docket was ordered deported but ALL are still in the country to date.

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) is under a gag order but released the information anyway.

Even though there are more illegals coming across than ever before, ICE agents have been ordered to look the other way. Enforcement has been shifted away from internal enforcement to border security. In other words, if illegals get here, Obama has their back. They are the future of his party and will mean the destruction of the Republican party.

Border apprehension is declining:

“ICE has been told to curtail the use of detainers, or immigration holds, which give ICE officers the opportunity to question and take custody of illegal aliens identified after arrest by a local law enforcement agency. This directive built on an earlier memo, issued in June 2011, which ordered ICE agents not to arrest certain broad categories of illegal aliens, including minor criminals, long-time residents, students, parents, caregivers, and a long list of other excepted categories for whom there was otherwise no statutory basis for special treatment.”

Even criminal alien arrests have declined by 11%. Mr. Obama doesn’t care if they are criminals because they are guaranteed, Democratic voters.

Declines in criminal alien arrests continue with the largest in border areas – San Diego and Texas – and the nation’s capital. Formerly Republican strongholds like Florida and Virginia also have seen the most significant decreases.

At the same time, Mr. Obama has collapsed deportations and internal enforcement of illegals, he is pushing for the House to pass amnesty legislation that will include a path to citizenship. Mr. Obama is getting the millions here and now he wants them legalized and registered as Democratic voters.

Three Republicans have folded on amnesty because of the upcoming 2014 elections. Rep. David Valadao (R-Calif.) said Wednesday, “By supporting H.R. 15 I am strengthening my message: Addressing immigration reform in the House cannot wait. I am serious about making real progress and will remain committed to doing whatever it takes to repair our broken immigration system,”  On Tuesday, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) became the second Republican to sign onto Rep. Joe Garcia’s (Fla.) bill HR-15 as a co-sponsor. Rep. Jeff Denham (Calif.) was the first to do so this past weekend.

The bill provides a path to citizenship for immigrants in the US illegally, increases border security five years after the Act is passed, and appoints a government Commission under the Executive to monitor. Congress and border states would send representatives to the Commission to monitor the border reports which means nothing gets done. It closely resembles the Senate amnesty bill.

John Boehner has refused to bring the bill to the floor.

Obama invited Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla) to the White House Tuesday to discuss immigration reform but the meeting was canceled.

Marco Rubio, one of the Gang of Eight, has gone back to his original position of wanting immigration passed in small increments.

According to gov. track, it has a .2% chance of getting past the committee and a .0% chance of being passed.

It will cost billions.

The bill calls for the National Guard to secure the border.

As I said, it doesn’t matter, Mr. Obama is doing what he wants anyway – he is allowing border arrests but he is not deporting illegal aliens. When they get here, many vote illegally. It’s obvious when one looks at California.

Until the massive illegal immigration is dealt with and those selected for deportation are located, nothing should be done on amnesty.