Obama Evolved on Gay Marriage – So Where’s the Story?




I have to add two of President Obama’s positions from 1996 and 2004 (hat tip to Sua Sponte) –

1996: “I Favor Legalizing Same-Sex Marriages, And Would Fight Efforts To Prohibit Such Marriages”…

2004: “My religious faith dictates marriage is between a man and a woman, gay marriage is not a civil right.”

This was Obama’s position in 2008 –

In 2010, he still didn’t support gay marriage but he said his position was “evolving” and he was struggling with it.

Today, President Barack Obama supports gay marriage, reversing his position on a controversial social issue just six months before the November election and a pot full of money from the LBGT groups. He still believes the decision belongs with the states.

I wonder what he’ll evolve into next. He’s like a shapeshifter.

His position is the same as Romneys. Both say that gay marriage should be a state rights issue. Their reasons beyond that are irrelevant.


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