Obama Flees to Africa Amidst Scandals & Espionage Threats


Obama flees to Africa3

Photo of Obama’s flight to Africa

Snowden could be a serious threat to our national security while we have people serving throughout the world. DOJ Holder has charged Snowden with espionage. The US has admitted that he has four laptops of information which he collected in a premeditated fashion.

Edward Snowden said he joined the security firm Booz Allen Hamilton to steal the US secrets. His intention, Snowden said, was to give the US public information they needed to know about the extent of US spying on its citizens.

Since that time, Snowden has appeared to collaborate with the Chinese, Russians and will possibly collaborate with the Cubans, Venezuelans, and Ecuadorians.

President Obama asked the Chinese to extradite Snowden but they claimed the paperwork was not filled out properly and sent Snowden along to Russia.

Putin has refused to extradite Snowden and has mocked Obama over it for days. While Snowden was in China, Putin said he would entertain giving Snowden asylum. Putin also claimed to not know where Snowden was and later said Snowden was in the Russian airport which means to him that he’s not really in Russia.

Obama claimed Thursday that there have been “some useful talks between the US and Russia” after being made to look powerless before the world by both China and Russia. Believe President Obama if that sounds feasible to you.

President Obama said, “I have not called President Xi personally or President Putin personally and the reason is…number one, I shouldn’t have to,” Obama said.

Remarkably, despite the fact that his DOJ has filed espionage charges and despite the fact that no one knows what secrets Snowden has, President Obama will not make any attempt to get a “29-year old hacker.”

Snowden will have to fly over US air space to get to his final destination if he travels to South America but the president has no intention of intervening.

Obama is on the record as saying people might die over Snowden’s leaks but now he is saying that Snowden is only a young hacker. He suggested that the media was hyping the story and one day there will be a made-for-tv movie about it.

When the Achille Lauro was hijacked and a US citizen thrown overboard, President Ronald Reagan did scramble the jets and caught the terrorists because of his quick and decisive actions.

Congressmen and military leaders have said that Snowden is putting our national security in great danger but President Obama, in an effort to play down his own failures, is now minimizing the dangers that Snowden’s leaks present. Obama is incompetent and is neglecting his responsibilities as he travels about Africa spending another $100 million tax dollars.

Speaking of Africa, President Obama, in his first public meeting, managed to upset Sengalese President Macky Sall. Obama said that the SCOTUS decisions about gay rights is a “victory for American democracy” and called for Africans to give gays equal rights under the law.

“We are still not ready to decriminalize homosexuality,” Sall said, while insisting that the country is “very tolerant” and needs more time to digest the issue without pressure. “This does not mean we are homophobic.”

President Obama said this did not come up in his private meeting with President Sall. Obama might have given Sall a heads-up.


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