Obama Freed Five Dangerous Yemeni Terrorists from Gitmo


After a horrendous attack in Paris by Yemeni-based al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and after a planned attack by a Yemeni-connected 20-year old who hoped to slaughter politicians at The Capitol, Barack Obama has decided this is the time to release five more dangerous Yemeni terrorists. They’ve been released to Oman which is right next to Yemen and they will be free – free to go back to the battlefield.

Check out their rap sheets at the end of this post.


The Kouachi brothers who massacred the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo were all tied to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and were trained in Yemen where Mr. Obama thinks he had a successful strategy that he is repeating throughout Iraq and Syria.

He is not simply incompetent, he is spitting in the eye of Americans and Congress,which is supposed to be a co-equal branch of government. He is making us all less safe.

Former Army medical officer at GITMO, Montgomery Granger, was interviewed on FoxNews this morning. He is the author of Saving Grace at Guantanamo Bay.

I worked with Mr. Granger who is also an educator. He is solid, brave and a true American. He told me once, during the height of the verbal assault on GITMO, that he knew how well the prisoners were being treated because he was the one bringing them their McDonalds burgers and fries. They loved McDonalds.

Granger continued his service to his country as a Reservist and served tours overseas while a school administrator.

Granger said during the interview, “Do you feel safer with the detainees in GITMO or out? If the answer is in, you need to cry it from the nearest mountaintop, you need to call your representatives now to stop the release of detainees.”

None of these detainees should be released and a war on terror cannot be won by releasing these people, Granger feels. They all could have been shot on the battlefield as unlawful combatants.

If the president feels the war is over then he likely feels these prisoners are victims, is Granger’s supposition.

There are 500 convicted terrorists, convicted in the U.S., but only 300 are in prisons. Where are the rest of them?

“GITMO is the finest detention facility on earth and the ISIS equivalent is a pile of heads,” Granger said.


The released detainees:

Abdul Qadir: A Yemeni continually recommended for detention was judged a medium risk to the U.S. and its allies. He was a high risk at GITMO.

From his sheet:



Abd al Rahman Abdullah Ali Muhammad: A citizen of Yemen. He is at the same risk level as Nadir:

al Rahman

How about Mohammed Ahmed Salam, a Yemeni:


Al Khadr Abdallah Muhammed al Yafi: A Yemeni:

al Yafi

Fadel Hussein Saleh Hentif, a Yemeni:

Fadel Hussein Hantif

These are the terrorists Obama is sending back to the battlefield to kill our military, other Americans and our allies.

Information from the terrorists’ dockets, NY Times


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