Obama Gave Himself Away as a Liar Yet Again



President Obama continually says that he and his staff thought the Benghazi attack was in response to an Internet video, something he continued to say for months afterwards. Seventeen days after the attack, he repeated that claim to the U.N. However, Friday he gave himself away. He described the exact situation in Libya on the night of the attacks and said it was obviously not a protest, only he was talking about the Ukraine.

When President Obama held his joint press conference with Angela Merkel Friday, he brought up the fact that the alleged protesters were obviously not protesters. He said this:

Seventeen days after the terror attack on Benghazi, President Obama said that it was because of a video protest that went awry. He said this knowing that the militias attacking Benghazi planned it, had hours to set up mortars outside the safe house, and used advanced weapons.

Sen. John McCain said it well on September 16th. This was said almost simultaneously with Susan Rice’s misleading comments on the Sunday News Shows the Sunday after the Tuesday attack. The president of Libya said a couple days after the attack that it was planned two months before.