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Obama as the fumbling football player

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Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats believe that the problem with Obamacare is the rollout and they are ignoring all the other problems Obamacare will create. Do these talking points have any basis in reality? Is it only about the rollout?

The website is a mess, people can’t sign up, and the security issues are significant, however, it will eventually be fixed. Governors in Washington, Connecticut and Kentucky say their sites are working fine.

Looking beyond the website, the Democrats who instituted Obamacare planned for millions of people to lose their health insurance plans. It was part of the plan’s design.

They knew the individual insurance market would fold and they knew millions on employer-based plans would also lose their plans. They knew this for at least the past three years. They actually planned for it to happen so as to force people onto Obamacare. They are pushing us into single payer.

Employer-based plans will be canceled beginning in January and will continue each month throughout next year. By the Fall, the small business plans will be canceled – in the millions.

The president knew the truth every time he lied – more than 30 times – when he said that if you like your health insurance plans, you can keep them. He also said you can keep your doctors and your hospital also, which few are talking about but which are also lies. He lied when he said our premiums would go down by $2500.

Obamacare was sold to us on lies and, and, as one former prosecutor said, Obamacare is a massive fraud, it’s as insidious as it gets.

Mr. Obama called the rollout a fumble and Politico called it a stumble today.  Politico called the site ‘buggy’ which is yet another absurd euphemism to go along with fumble and stumble. It’s actually a disaster and these are the people who will be in charge of all our healthcare needs.

Politico pointed to the most serious problems that could come up.  We have taken their list and improved upon it below:

The first and worst for the left is the death spiral which would occur if only the sick apply. That won’t happen in all likelihood because the program was designed to throw millions off their policies by the end of 2013, to help pay for the sick.

The healthy will have no choice; there will be no place to go but onto the exchanges – the managed care system which will be similar to Medicaid. This is why the program designers arranged for the rule that would eliminate the alleged ‘bad apple’ insurance plans.

Another problem which could cause the program to implode, and one which is possible, concerns the cost of plans on the exchanges. If there are too few healthy people on the exchanges, premiums will of necessity skyrocket next year when insurance companies set their rates.

Secondly, the bailout to insurers could prove to be extremely – extremely – expensive. It could cause a significant increase in premiums.

Obamacare depends on the young and healthy signing up for it so Obamacare can cover the expenses of the sick and handicapped.

If that doesn’t happen, the insurers have been promised a bail out.

Buried in the bill is the language of the guaranteed bailout. If insurers make less because the pool is imbalanced with sick over healthy customers, the government – the taxpayers in effect – will make up the difference. If insurers make too much money because more of the healthy were signed up, then they would give money back to the government.

Now look at our situation currently. The young and healthy probably aren’t signing up because of the website problems but also because of the higher premiums and deductibles. That means we the taxpayers are on the hook for the costs. When they lose money setting up Obama’s fix, that too will be on taxpayer’s shoulders. The CBO is currently looking at the costs at Marco Rubio’s request, but we can expect it will be in the many billions.

Taxpayers are being made to pay for the government’s incompetence.

The bailout is known as the risk profile or risk corridors provision and it’s in place for at least three years.

Marco Rubio is opposed to the bailout and wants us to move in a different direction. He has proposed repealing this provision.

Third, price hikes will occur during election season which is why you see the desperation in senators like Hagan, Landrieu, and congressmen like Bishop et al who now pretend they didn’t know what it was they voted for.

Everyone now has to be covered for things they don’t need or want and the premiums, some co-pays, and deductibles must of necessity rise.

People going onto the exchanges are finding dramatic increases in one or another area, often it’s in the deductibles. The Bronze plan, which is the cheapest plan is the worst. It’s a 60/40 plan with about $5000 deductibles per person in a household, the limit is up to an unaffordable $12,500. Most people can’t pay that and when they go into a hospital, they are essentially uncovered.

Fourth, if insurers aren’t able to do the ‘fix’ which Mr. Obama plans to use to pawn off blame on them, there could be coverage gaps.

The alleged fix that Mr. Obama proposed is a meaningless political ploy. It is an administrative nightmare for insurers if they can even do it. They will then have to raise rates to cover the costs of the administrative work involved.

Yesterday, on Fox News Sunday, Karen Ignagni of American Health Insurance Plans, said that they must fix the reasonable problems (reasonable?) so the insurance markets don’t blow up. That is an alarming thought.

Insurance companies originally capitulated to Obamacare in the hope of having more clients but they got more than they expected. They are continually being scapegoated. Making them responsible for the ‘fix’ is yet another attempt to make them into the bad guys if they don’t do it. Mr. Obama never even consulted with them prior to announcing his ‘fix’ which relied on them.

Fifth, people will be covered for things they don’t need. That costs money – a lot more money. The sticker shock is likely to hurt a lot of people.

Nothing is free, which was another Obama lie – he said it would be and we’d save money. Of course, the Democrats knew it was a lie. As Sen. Gillibrand said on This Week this past Sunday – ‘we all knew.’ Some will get subsidies, many have carve outs who shouldn’t, and the rest will pay through the nose. The deductibles are cost-prohibitive for the average American. Obamacare insurance is more like catastrophic insurance and it isn’t even good catastrophic insurance.

Managed care, which is where we are all headed is historically known to pay doctors too little, requiring them to become overworked, and preventing them from keeping good staff. People who go to managed care find that the treatment options are poor because that’s all the government will pay for and the same goes for the materials which are substandard.

Sixth, the errors will be rampant. many won’t be able to prove they’re covered. Many will think they’ve signed up but haven’t. Many won’t get the doctors they want. The list is endless. Don’t forget the potential for security breaches and stolen identities.

Seventh, and not the least, is the wrong subsidy issue. If a person gets too much of a subsidy, they will suddenly get a notice that they have to repay the overpayment. They might have no idea they were paid too much because the calculations are so complex. The calculation program is also rife with errors.  If people get pay raises mid-year, they could lose all or some of their subsidies and not know until they file their taxes.

Eighth, we mustn’t forget all those employees who will go from full-time to part-time. That has already begun.

Ninth, when the Democrats put Obamacare in place, they made no plan to expand medical staff and doctors. Expect long waits and rationing.

Obama fumbled on his own 5 yard line, prospects are dire.

Update: 11/19: It is important to note that Politico announced today that Obama told insurance companies there is not enough money to bail them out for the the fix. Bailout ‘sweeteners’ will be offered but won’t cover the ‘full brunt of added costs’ for the fix. The president who has no regard for spending lavishly is now putting the clamps on spending.

The truth is, he never planned for the ‘fix’ to work. He wants the tens of millions of plans canceled.


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