Obama Gives $123 Million Tax Dollars to al Qaeda-Linked Group in Syria



We can’t open the White House for tours, we cut military tuition to active duty personnel; doctor’s payments have been cut; and we furloughed FAA employees; all because of sequester allegedly, but you will be pleased to know that we have plenty of money. In fact we have $123 million to give the military organization [the Supreme Military Council] in Syria which has links to Al-Qaeda.

The pledge is double what the Obama administration originally pledged. We are also sending technical advisors.

The al-Qaeda connection was made clear [again] after several photos surfaced of these fighters grilling a decapitated human head.

John Kerry made the announcement this past Sunday while meeting in Turkey with opposition leaders. The money will be channeled through the oppositions’ Supreme Military Command or Supreme Military Council.

The US has recognized the Supreme Military Council despite their inclusion of strongly Islamist groups.

John Kerry made the announcement while claiming that we must stand up against the brutal inhumane forces of the Assad regime though he is forcing us to support the equally brutal forces of rebels and al-Qaeda.

The US government has given about $700 million so far in direct aid to this broad coalition of foreign Islamists, mercenaries, Muslim terrorists including al-Qaeda, and other forces.

The Syrian National Coalition, which formed in 2011 and includes the Muslim Brotherhood as members, named Communist George Sabra as leader in March. He was born Christian and that is how the media chooses to identify him.

Sabra is a leftist, secular opposition figure and a leading member of the Syrian Democratic People’s party, a former communist party. He called for the formation of a Supreme Military Council to unify all Assad opposition groups.

The Council [Syrian National Counci or National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces] was formed in November 2012. It includes members within Syria and abroad, is formally recognized as Syria’s sole legitimate representative and it is the conduit for all financial and possibly military aid through the Supreme Military Command.

Moaz al-Khatib, a Sunni Muslim cleric, was appointed as President at first and was then replaced by Sabra.

The Free Syrian Army’s command network is the Supreme Military Council and their members have been openly supportive of al-Qaeda. They will receive the funds under this coalition.  Gen. Salem Idriss is the commander.

Click the link for an explanation of the leading insurgent groups.

Most of the arms provided by the West and Sunni Arab powers are funneled to violent jihadists who hope to replace the Assad regime with an Islamic theocracy.

ABC News interviewed a jailed Syrian “rebel” who admitted that he had previously been killing American troops in Iraq. “They were occupying my country,” the prisoner told ABC about the reason for attacking U.S. forces. It is unclear why President Obama would support these “rebels.”

These US policies have led to the mass murders of Christian “infidels” in the region who will not support the Islamist coalitions.

This additional funding and technical assistance comes as the president is looking at Department of Defense layoffs and pay cuts for military personnel.

It also comes as al-Qaeda forces are gaining power in the region. This has been used as one reason why the US should provide more funds to the supreme command – the other forces are even worse.

Syrian dissidents known as the Islamic State of Iraq formed a coalition with the terror group al-Nusra Front – both are al-Qaeda. Al Nusra is blacklisted by the US. Their new name as of February is Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

They are among the most powerful rebel factions fighting for Obama’s “regime change” operation in Syria. Al Nusra is al Qaeda in Iraq.

They have many supporters in the SNC. They fight alongside the council members. They are extremely violent and hope to form a caliphate throughout the Middle East.

Click the link to see who the  Supreme Military Command leaders are because they are the ones who will funnel the money to various factions fighting Assad.




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