Obama Golfs As Three Girls Raped by ISIS Jump Off Mt. Singhal


Mr. Obama hit the links about 1:00 p.m. today before his return to D.C. this evening, where he will undoubtedly whip up some controversies and problems for Americans.


As the decadent Prince Hussein Obama golfs with the elites, a Yezidi mother mourns the death of her three young daughters who jumped to their deaths.

Hussein assured us, just before he hit the links on the Vineyard three days ago, that it wasn’t that bad on the mountain in Iraq where thousands fled to escape ISIS.

But on the mountain, one mother said her three daughters were brutally raped and humiliated by ISIS. They were allowed to return to their mother on the mountain afterward where they begged people to kill them. No one would.

The girls jumped to their deaths from Mount Singhal.

Other women have also jumped after being raped.

One father said his daughter was sold for ten dollars. Husbands and fathers who call their wive’s and daughter’s phones get angry men on the other end who tell them not to call again.

Nothing to see here. Move on.

In more important decadent news, look at these phonies pretending they’re friends.


Hillary will be as luxuriously self-indulgent as Obama if she is elected president.

When she travels now, she insists on the “Presidential” suite.

The suite is usually paid for by whoever hires her for extravagantly-priced speaking engagements. They must also provide her with a 16-passenger Gulfstream jet. Go to Review Journal for those details.

Will Americans really vote for a female equivalent of Obama? Any time someone criticizes Hillary, they will be called anti-women. The same incompetence she displayed as Secretary of State will only be worse with her in the Presidency.

We are not voting for public servants any longer, we are voting for royalty and they don’t care how many girls jump off the mountain as long as they get the Presidential Suite.

Oh, and by the way, ISIS took over two more towns in Syria.