Obama Has Begun the Takeover of College Education in the USA


Wm Pitt

Photo of William Pitt. What would he say about all this?

President Obama drew a spotlight on the high cost of attending college this past week, a worthy cause, but unfortunately, he sees the answer in more government control over all colleges. Government caused most of the problems in the first place.

Mr. Obama is slow-walking a nationalized college education system.

Barack Obama can’t come right out and nationalize college education with a Common Core maneuver, as he is doing in the K-12 school system, so he is instead working his way up to controlling colleges using aid money.

William Pitt once said, ‘Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.’

Mr. Obama is putting forward a plan for ranking colleges that would be tied to aid as a way to cut college costs.

The government would decide school rankings, including private schools, according to tuition, student-loan debt, and graduation rates. Students will get more aid money by going to the colleges that the government decides are best.

When it doesn’t work, more exemptions, carve outs, and cronyism will seep in as it always does with massive government programs.

Higher education is about to be politicized.

Government caused the problem with their easy loan money and Mr. Obama’s answer is more government.

The high cost of college today is in large part due to student aid money. The government gives easy money to colleges and they never have to lower the costs of anything. In fact, they add unnecessary frills to entice students to their country club environment. Colleges encourage more-and-more students to attend since they will be bailed out with the students’ loans.

Worse yet, the government controls more than 90% of the loan money in this country, but it will eventually be 100%. With this new program that Mr. Obama wants, higher learning will be under the thumb of the administration for their very existence.

Mr. Obama wants to cap payments at 10% of their income, which puts the burden on the taxpayer. It is another redistribution of income idea. It would be nice to do if we had any money.

One good idea he suggested was more access to online education, but why is that government’s role? The free markets can decide that.

Eventually, the government will get to decide what schools are good and why, how much they can charge, and who they should enroll.

Mr. Obama announced his latest takeover during a two-day campaign-fundraising tour of New York and Pennsylvania. It does get him away from the more significant problems in DC and in the mid-East.

He went from school to school using his folksy side. He said, ‘Michelle and I, we didn’t come from rich folk [they weren’t poor either, they were middle class]…I didn’t pay back my student loans til I was almost a US Senator…I was in my 40’s.’ Now he is in the 1% so it was a good investment for him.

Do we really want the government in control of everything? That is where we are headed.

Republicans won’t go for this because it is the beginning of a government takeover of college education, but Mr. Obama will do it by fiat. He appears to have almost unlimited power under the guise of necessity since Congress won’t act (do what he says).

William Pitt also said, ‘Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who posses it; and this I know, my lords: that where law ends, tyranny begins.’