Obama Has Made a Mess of Healthcare in the United States


Update: People who lost their health insurance are now exempt from the individual mandate according to our ruler. Who is going to pay for Obamacare at this point?  There have been 17 changes made to the law without congressional approval. Is there any law Mr. Obama can’t change and is there anything about Obamacare Mr. Obama can’t change?


What is happening to our nation’s health insurance market right now is an unqualified disaster. It’s incompetence on a grand scale.

The White House just announced today that they are urging insurers to expand an offer of bare-bones catastrophic health insurance plans to the currently uninsured.

The uninsured includes nearly 6 million families and individuals who were dropped from their current plans because the plans didn’t meet Obama’s minimum standards. We won’t even discuss the fact that the Obama standards require people to buy insurance for things they don’t need such as maternity care for 60-year olds or drug rehab services for teatotlers.

Sebelius now wants the plans that don’t meet the bare minimum offered to the nearly 6 million who have lost their insurance plans because they didn’t meet the bare minimum.

Monday, Dec. 23rd, is the deadline to pick a health insurance plan on healthcare.gov and get coverage starting Jan. 1. The White House must be getting desperate with that date looming.


Branco cartoon mocking OFA’s latest Pajama Boy ad meant to encourage people to buy insurance, via Legal Insurrection

The White House now admits that many of the plans are unaffordable. The catastrophic plans which were only to be offered to youth are now to be offered to everyone. Unfortunately, they are almost as expensive as Obamacare’s cheapest plan, the Bronze plan.

In addition, if people leave the Obamacare plans and go to the catastrophic plans, it will leave the sicker people on the exchanges and remove more of the healthy clients.

This will cause more chaos in the industry.

I don’t feel sorry for the insurance companies. It was their greed that helped get us here. They sold out to Obama and his Care.

What a fiasco. He just did away with the individual mandate for people who lose their insurance.

Investors Business Daily (IBD) pointed out that ObamaCare sets up a healthcare Berlin Wall. It restricts travel. Most of the plans on the exchanges only provide local coverage and are not national networks.

One can’t even count on travel insurance. Travel insurance only covers emergencies and people who have two homes or travel outside their area will have to think twice.

IBD quoted American Thinker’s Stella Paul who said that it will have “a profound impact on the real-estate market, particularly the second home sector, and on the travel business.”

You have probably already heard that if you are one of those who gets Medicaid – the free insurance – the government can go after your estate after you die. If you are planning to leave your home to your children, that might not work out.

Medicare lost over $700 billion in future payments to doctors and hospitals so the money could help pay for Obamacare. Doctors are dropping Medicare. We will see rationing.

Medicare is not approving many elective surgeries and Medicare won’t give pre-surgical clearances for elective surgeries – ever. You get your elective surgeries at your own financial risk.

There’s no place to go to appeal. No one to sue.

Ah, yes, government healthcare, isn’t it great.

In summation, Obamacare is a complete disaster.