Obama-Hillary Fired Benghazi Heroes, Left Them Stranded in Libya


Benghazi hero Kris ‘Tanto’ Paronto is on a 7-day Twitter suspension, his second in two days. The next step is a lifetime suspension. The trolls are out to get him.

This is a gallant man who saved others at grave personal risk. He and his courageous colleagues were punished for it.

Tanto and the other contractor heroes were fired after saving dozens of people in Benghazi. They were stripped of their security clearances, keeping them from other jobs in government. Tanto, along with the others, were left stranded in Libya at the time and told to buy their own plane ticket home.

Tanto is still being treated in a despicable manner.

Listen to Tanto’s latest Facebook live post at the end.


Jason Chaffetz told Sean Hannity on his Fox News TV show that he was the first U.S. lawmaker to get to Benghazi after the attack on September 11, 2012. He described how the Benghazi heroes, the contractors, were treated.

The contractors flew from Benina International Airport in Benghazi to Tripoli, then on to Ramstein Air Base in Germany, accompanied by the bodies of the deceased, the U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glenn Doherty.

Chaffetz said that when the contractors reached Germany, they were fired and told to get their own plane tickets.

Mere hours after they had fought gallantly at great personal risk against Al Qaeda and other terrorists, saving more than 30 lives, they were fired.

Chaffetz said they were ‘released’ because of their actions in Benghazi [but how can this be when we were told there was no stand-down order?]. Then they were told to pay for their own flights home.

When they returned home to the United States, they had their security clearances stripped.

According to a recent tweet by Kris ‘Tanto’ Paronto, they were stripped of their clearances due to a decision by none other than James Brennan. But don’t you dare take his clearance away.

Go to 04.10 for Chaffetz’ comments.


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