Obama Hits the Anti-Gun Campaign Trail on Monday



President Obama is on the anti-gun trail again. He plans to campaign for Harry Reid’s gun control measures in Congress. He wants the usual ‘common sense measures’ like universal background checks, banning of ‘assault weapons’ and large-capacity magazines.

The anti-gun advocates from the Brady Campaign and Mike Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns will help him as he travels about on the gas-guzzling Air Force One.

He will again exploit the death of the children in Newtown to further the cause.

In his weekly address Saturday he said:

“We’ve made progress over the last three months, but we’re not there yet,” he said. “And in the weeks ahead, I hope Members of Congress will join me in finishing the job – for our communities and, most importantly, for our kids.”

President Obama never lets a good crisis go to waste and he won’t stop until the Second Amendment is completely eroded.

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