Obama Was Infuriated Trump Accused Him of Spying or He Rolled His Eyes or Something


Most of our news now comes from unaccountable, unnamed sources and that’s not news. It fits the description of fake news. We have a perfect example – was Obama furious or not really this past week?

Former President Obama was reportedly furious when he heard that President Donald Trump fired off tweets accusing him of wiretapping Trump Tower before the presidential election.

An aide to Obama told The Wall Street Journal the former president had decided he would not respond to every one of the his successor’s tweets. But people familiar with Obama’s thinking told the Journal he was livid after Trump posted several tweets early Saturday morning making serious accusations.

There are even reports that the former president could sue and win.

That might be fake news.

Peter Alexander, an NBC correspondent, reported that Obama wasn’t livid after all, he just “rolled his eyes”.  Obama allegedly said, Trump undermined the office and his integrity, not his because he didn’t do it.

Or the eye roll could be fake news.

What we are getting is propaganda, not news.

Obama also didn’t say “you can keep your doctor”; there “isn’t a smidgeon of corruption” at the IRS; the jobs are “shovel ready”; “90% of the budget deficit” is George Bush’s fault; it was workplace violence; Benghazi was because of a video; ISIS is the “JV team”; “no foreign terrorists” exacted a terrorist “attack on our homeland” in my administration; and “we have not had a major scandal in my administration.”

That’s definitely fake news!

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