Obama Insults Veterans, Thinks They’re Dupes


Obama arrogant

The veterans were very offended – rightfully – at the president’s recent comments suggesting veterans are dupes because of the misinformation they get piped into VFW halls as they drink beer and sit around waiting for someone to tell them how to think.

Obama thinks everyone on the right is stupid, it’s not just veterans he looks down on in his arrogance. If you don’t agree, it’s simply because you’re not smart enough or not informed.




  1. every good commie dictator, pre empts accusations of what THEY are actually doing. eg As chi com builds military bases down to oz, what do they say ?? ” Get back you aggressive barbarians, don’t threaten us !! ” that’s exactly what all commies do. knowing full well 50% of th e sheeples will buy it.

  2. If you haven’t figure it out yet, Obama hates America and all it stands for and to totally dismantle America he will bring in the “refugees” to finish us all off.

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