Obama Is A Lying Traitor



Barack Obama has shown himself to be pro-Iranian. Many reports which we have listed on this site by reputable sources have proven that we acted as Iran’s agents or lawyers during the negotiations. He is pro-Islamic and that has been clear since the beginning of his presidency. His support for the Muslim Brotherhood is also well-documented. Where his support slips is on issues concerning traditional America, Christianity and Judaism.

The Ayatollah has been giving us what he claimed to be the facts about the Iranian deal from the beginning of negotiations. He has been proven correct and our spokespeople, Secretary of State John Kerry, and President Barack Obama have lied.

The nuclear deal began with the assumption that Iran has the right to become a nuclear nation despite the fact that they are a nation that sponsors terror.

The negotiations actually began in 2011 under  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who said Iran was waiting for the 12th Imam and world destruction was not a concern to them.

According to the Ayatollah, from the get-go, the United States wanted to lift sanctions within six months and recognize Iran as a nuclear power. That is quite different from what we were told.

In a speech he delivered on June 23, 2015, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said that the American administration had initiated the nuclear talks with Iran during Ahmadinejad’s term in office, based on a U.S. recognition of a nuclear Iran: “The issue of negotiating with the Americans is related to the term of the previous [Ahmadinejad] government, and to the dispatching of a mediator to Tehran to request talks. At the time, a respected regional figure came to me as a mediator [referring to Omani Sultan Qaboos] and explicitly said that U.S. President [Obama] had asked him to come to Tehran and present an American request for negotiations. The Americans told this mediator: ‘We want to solve the nuclear issue and lift sanctions within six months, while recognizing Iran as a nuclear power.’ I told that mediator that I did not trust the Americans and their words, but after he insisted, I agreed to reexamine this topic, and negotiations began.”

I wonder if we can we get the Ayatollah to come testify at Barack Obama’s impeachment hearing. It’s a sad day when the Ayatollah has proven himself to be more honest than the U.S. president and company.

Barack Obama had the audacity to say that U.S. credibility is on the line if we don’t accept this deal.

It’s his credibility with a terror-sponsoring nation that’s on the line and he has no regard for our country or Israel.

Please listen to this leaked video in which Admiral James “Ace” Lyons mades some statements everyone needs to hear no matter where they stand of the Iran deal. He explains Barack Obama’s strategy.

It is interesting to not that the Ayatollah has said if Israel attacks Iran, the U.S. will protect Iran. This is probably accurate because it says it in the agreement.

The Washington Times reported in a story last year that Obama threatened to blow Israeli jets out of the sky when he learned that Israel was planning an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, which Israel claims are being used to produce a nuclear bomb.

A spokesman for the Obama administration denied the claim, which was made by an Israeli cabinet minister to a Middle East newspaper.

Barack Obama is so hypocritical and has so little respect for our intelligence that he said Republicans opposing the Iranian deal are making common cause with the Iranians but Democrats are not. He is claiming Republicans objected before they read it (as if reads any bills, like Obamacare for example). The fact is the Republicans were given leaked information and the Ayatollah’s people have been posting the information on their news services before anything was released by the United States.

h/t Carol Besner

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Roger Dudman
Roger Dudman
6 years ago

There’s a lot of misinformed drivel on here, most of it spouted out of ignorance. You lot want to travel a little wider and you’ll find that the rest of the world also has opinions which are just as valid.
I personally am an atheist, so I hold no flags for any religions. I regard Islam as delusional in the same way that the worship of any deity in a complete anathema to me.
I also don’t support the nuclear option as a deterrent as I don’t think it’s really valid anymore. The real wars are being fought on the ground, like the ISIL insurgency, and in cyberspace. Nuclear weapons won’t win against ISIL.
I’m inclined to think that the US, unfortunately, needs Iran on side at the moment. They are a powerful bullwark against the Wahabi Islam of ISIL and their backers in the rest of the Arab world. We have to consider the old adage that “My enemies enemy is my friend” when dealing with an organisation like ISIL. This may be unpalatable to many, as it is to me, but it’s better than watching the rise of an Islamic Caliphate with all the brutality against ordinary people that this entails.
Give Obama a break on this one. He is being very pragmatic.

7 years ago

This is all an act. Use your heads. If Obama was anti – Semitic or pro – Iranian, don’t you think that our banks and media would have treated him worse than Jimmy Carter ? Carter tried to end war, to broker an equitable Mideast peace, for which he actually earned his Nobel Peace Prize.

Ain’t no money in that. For no apparent reason, Zionist bankers raised interest rates to over 19% and Zionist media smeared everything he tried to do.

U.S. and Israeli policy is designed to create Mideast turmoil. To arm both sides, thus guaranteeing the maximum Arab, Persian, and Kurdish kill.

7 years ago

The first attempt asking the Ayatollahs for ‘talks’ was not longer after he was elected in 2008. Valerie Jarrett – his Iranian born communist and MB member – made her first secret trip to Iran paving the way for this suicide deal. She acted as though she was SOS – she made a many more trips – all secretly – to Iran.
That within itself is also a violation of the law – she was not elected nor was she confirmed by a senate despite her acting as the conduit of Obama.

Bobbie Bozek
Bobbie Bozek
7 years ago

Obama is doing exactly what he is suppose to, that is the demise of America. He has been groomed to destroy us for years by a evil money. force unknown to us. How else can someone that was truly unknown before 2008 get elected to the highest office in the U.S.? He is a plant! Remember the words “we will destroy you from within” I do, that was over 50 years ago, I was in jr. High. America needs to wake up or we will lose all our freedom. The people out to destroy America mean business. Obama has caused so much unrest between the races, decreased our military to a critical level, the economy is in ruins, there are more millions on welfare, food stamps, out of jobs. Our allies , Israeal, Jordan etc, cannot depend on the U.S. Our enemies just laugh at us and see America as weak. The list goes on and on. We have such a weak congress, one would feel that the same people behind Obama has scoop on each congressmen and blackmails them to vote the way Obama wants. We are in trouble, and I don’t know how it is going to end.

Joseph Coble
7 years ago

Obama Said At His State Of The Union Address..”Muslims Make Up The Fabric Of America”?,How?..This Proves The Very People “Blacks”& “Gays” That Want To Cling On To A Con That IS NOT On Their Side,That They Are Voting For,But Not Seeing Or Hearing The TRUTH.As Long As He Gets The ONE & Only ONE Thing From These People..A VOTE FOR HIS BULLSHIT..Nothing Else Matters.