Obama Is About to Slow or Stop Deportations Using His Pen and Phone



President Obama met with a three Hispanic leaders Thursday and came out of the meeting saying that deportations have to be reviewed.

There have been calls from the far-left, especially open borders groups, to stop deportations. It’s a set up.

Whenever Mr. Obama wants to violate the law he has sworn to uphold, he has his base demand he violate the law he wants to violate.

On Thursday, President Obama asked for a review of  the Administration’s enforcement policies for immigration laws to see if it can be done more “humanely within the confines of the law.”

That’s code for passing an executive order that violates the constitution with a good excuse.

Obama met this evening with three open borders activists who are in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. The meeting was allegedly in response to a supposed furor in the Hispanic community over the number of deportations of illegal immigrants under his Administration.

The president “emphasized his deep concern about the pain too many families feel from the separation that comes from our broken immigration system,” according to a White House statement.

For Democrats, illegal immigrants represent a permanent Democratic voting majority and for Republicans, they represent cheap labor.

Mr. Obama has cut deportations while claiming he’s increased them. According to Chris Crane, President of the ICE union, in an interview with Mark Levin, the Administration has “absolutely” tied the hands of law enforcement and “attempted to shut down” border enforcement. The Administration has played with numbers to make deportations look greater than they are. Any younger person who wants to stay merely has to say they are a DREAMer and they can’t be deported.

Mr. Obama is about to violate the Constitution again.


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