Obama Apologizes to Iran After They Kidnapped 10 US Navy Sailors – Updated


Update: All ten sailors are safe aboard the USS Anzio after a broken navigation system caused them to drift into Itan’s waters. The ships have been returned and taken over by other sailors who will continue on with the original journey. The Iranians kept the GPS equipment, leading some to believe it was a setup.

Iran hasn’t received their $100 to $150 billion yet. What happens when we have nothing to hold over them? The sanctions will begin to be lifted by the end of this week and there is no going back according to the deal. 

Iranian authorities let the sailors go after determining that their vessels’ entry into Iranian waters was unintentional and “after they extended an apology,” according to a statement from Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps, quoted in the country’s semi-official FARS News Agency. The statement went on to say, “The Americans have undertaken not to repeat such mistakes.”

John Kerry is saying there was no apology, however, Tom Cotton told CNN that senior administration officials apologized soon after the seizure. As it turned out, the commander of the boats apologized.

This is one of the videos released on Iranian TV this morning. It was a serious humiliation.

John Kerry thanked – THANKED – Iran. See more and the video here.

Next up is the apology video. The American commander was forced to say how great the treatment was but the female sailor was made to wear a scarf, the sailors were forced to kneel with their hands behinds their back, and they were videotaped and humiliated before the world.



Original Story: You have probably heard by now that Iran has seized two small Navy craft and are holding 10 US Navy sailors, 9 men and 1 woman. The timing is curious since it is the night of Obama’s last State of the Union. The seizure came after one ship became disabled near Farsi Island in the Persian Gulf. Obama should be humiliated as Iran intends him to be but instead he is apologizing.

Iran, via Fars News agency, is saying that the sailors are arrested for trespassing while the White House is saying there is no hostile intent and the sailors will be returned. The US said it’s the middle of the night so they can’t be released just yet.

The sailors are being held by the Revolutionary Guard and they work all night. Someone needs to tell that to Barack Obama.

Iran is undoubtedly taking our technology and hacking our communications on these ships. At the end of all this, Obama will release the sanctions, give them over $100 billion, and will allow them to get the nuclear bomb.

Iran has gone from being a “tiny country” as Obama once described them to a major power in the Middle East as a direct result of his actions in the region. Iran will have the bomb thanks to him – and ICBMs that can reach the US and our allies – and they will play these games incessantly until one day, one bomb detonates.

The entire purpose of the Iranian deal was to curb their illicit actions and the opposite has taken place. After the last ICBM was launched, Obama said nothing. White House Communications Director Jen Psaki said in the Situation Room tonight that the President has no plans to address the crisis in his speech. His entire speech will focus on being optimistic as he paints Republicans as the enemy. He befriends Iran but hates political dissent.

Here is the latest exchange between Jake Tapper and Josh Earnest.

EARNEST: “U.S. Officials have been in touch with the Iranians about the situation. This is a situation that we’re monitoring closely. We’ve received assurances from the Iranians both our sailors are safe, they’re being — afforded sort of the proper courtesy that you’d expect. We’ve also most importantly received assurances they will be allowed to continue their journey promptly. So this is — the substance of the communications that we have with the Iranians today and it’s a situation we’re going to continue to watch closely.”

TAPPER: “Josh, there’s only so much you can say about this developing story. Did the Iranians accuse the American sailors of being in their waters? Did they give any sort of reason for taking ten American sailors into captivity?”

EARNEST: “Well, Jake, the circumstances, we’re learning more about the precise of this incident, I don’t want to say anything based on the first unconfirmed information we have at this point. The thing I can tell you we are watching this closely, and we have received assurances from the Iranians that our sailors are safe and they will be allowed to continue their journey promptly.”

Sen. Gardner told Jake Tapper we should not proceed with the SOTU festivities tonight.

“I think the White House needs to be honest and transparent as quickly as possible with the Congress, house and Senate, perhaps a delay to the start of the State of the Union to tell what happened. Apparently a pattern of aggravating action by Iran. We know that Iran has taken ships that were under the flag protectorate of the united States, they. To test ballistic missiles in spite of the sanctions. A pattern by Iran detaining the U.S. sailors. Think is a serious enough event that we shouldn’t proceed with the festivities of tonight until we have answers,” Gardner said.

Barack Obama has emboldened Iran. Senior members of the administration are apologizing for Iran kidnapping 10 US Navy sailors after seizing two small US craft as they traveled a narrow waterway from Kuwait to Bahrain.

CNN ANCHOR WOLF BLITZER: Ten Americans, they say they’ve arrested these ten American sailors and they are in Iranian custody, together with two small vessels.

REP. TOM COTTON: “Wolf, this kind of openly hostile action is not surprising..exactly what I and others predicted when President Obama was negotiating the nuclear deal with Iran, that it would embolden their aggression towards the United States and our allies. Also reacting to something Jim Sciutto said, he said according to senior administration official there’s no sign of hostile intent by Iran. Think about that for a second. Senior members of Barack Obama’s Administration are apologizing for Iran seizing two U.S. Navy vessels and holding ten sailors hostage. The White House tonight is a hotbed of cold feet.”

Remember when Barack Obama said this.

“And my hope is that building on this deal, we can continue to have conversations with Iran that incentivize them to behave differently in the region, to be less aggressive, less hostile, more cooperative, to operate the way we expect nations in the international community to behave,” Obama said on July 15. “But we’re not counting on it. So this deal is not contingent on Iran changing its behavior. It’s not contingent on Iran suddenly operating like a liberal democracy.”

The rogue, terror-sponsoring nation is getting worse and yet Obama is moving full speed ahead with releasing $150 billion dollars they can use to sponsor more terrorism and build more ICBMs. The only thing that this deal has done is forced them to outsource their nuclear armament program, if they’ve done even that.

Here’s a rundown from the Free Beacon.

You have that right Jeb.

The Obama administration is trying to convince us that there was no hostile intent.

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John Smith
John Smith
6 years ago

Did you notice the Female Sailor had to keep a towel over her head – covering her hair. Are the American Women awake yet? They better forget about voting for Hillary – muslim appeasing – liar – Clinton and start fighting to preserve their Christian Nation !!!

6 years ago

Honestly if Iranian ships drifted into US territorial waters, they’d “kidnap” their sailors too lol. If you sail into other countries water, they can and will do this.

K.A. Woodson
K.A. Woodson
6 years ago

Where’s the source that backs up the fact that we had to apologize? I see that you have sourced another article from iotwreport.com but then they source your article? What kind of journalism is that? List a credible source for it and I’ll believe it. Until then your just a online partisan rag with no credibility

bill gullen
bill gullen
6 years ago
Reply to  K.A. Woodson

“K.A. Woodson” since you asked:

“I want to express my gratitude to Iranian authorities for their cooperation ‎in swiftly resolving this matter…” ~ secretary of state john kerry in a statement on wednesday, according to reuters.

by the way, reuters and ap are time-tested accredited news agencies and definitely not ‘partisan rags’…b

Chris Mallory
Chris Mallory
6 years ago

So, if a couple of Iranian boats grounded on Diego Garcia, the US military would just set them back to sea and nothing else would happen? Cotton is unfit to serve in the US Senate, the man is clearly insane. Bring our troops home and this doesn’t happen again. Nothing in the Middle East is any business of the US government or responsibility of the American tax payer.

bill gullen
bill gullen
6 years ago

all well and good, the article and comments. mr. obama should have referenced this incident and put it into perspective for us; franklin would have in one of his ‘fireside chats’, but i think we’re wasting our time taking pot-shots at a lame duck waddling through his last year. our next prez ‘will’ be a republican and that person will ‘correct’ this administration’s abysmal domestic policy. we should be more focused on the foreign policy bent of our next commander in chief. folks like mr. cotton can’t wait to get their finger on the button, you can see it in their eyes and hear it in their rhetoric.

most people in the free world with library cards and access to the internet are so ‘done’ with american hegemony that it’s time we have to ask ourselves if we’re more concerned about a handful of servicemen who will be released within a few days or the lives and limbs of another 10,000 sent into conflict on the pretext of national security and ‘nation-building.

as far as nuclear concerns go; pakistan, india, north korea, and israel have more than 200 warheads sitting on top of icbm delivery systems. all of these countries are non- signatories to the nuclear non-proliferation act, all of them are what i would call somewhat ‘unstable’. iran does not have the fissionable materiel for one warhead, let alone the means to delIver it anywhere. priorities?

just say’n…b