Obama Is Lying, Dem Rep Says, Iraq Is a Combat Mission


Obama on wallace

Seth Moulton was interviewed on The Lead by Jake Tapper and called out Obama’s lie about the Iraq mission.

Democrat Rep. Seth Moulton:“We need to have a clear mission for the troops, a clear end game and then a strategy to maintain the peace once we defeat this terrorist group. We already fought these same battles against Al Qaeda but when we pulled out of Iraq so quickly, the diplomats, people working in the prime minister’s office, the Iraqi government went off the rails and created a political vacuum that ISIS came in to occupy. We cannot keep repeating this mistake in Iraq going back again and again and again.

CNN’s Jake Tapper: “There are more than 4,000 military personnel in Iraq right now but the White House argues this is not a combat mission. Do you think that the Obama Administration is misleading the American public?”

Democrat Rep. Seth Moulton: “That’s just simply not true. This absolutely is a combat mission. In 2004, hi an advisory mission and advisers to an Iraqi unit and when it started to get overrun, it started the battle which was some of the fiercest battle at that time. There’s a very fine line until an advisory mission and full-fledged combat and very clear from the death of a navy seal just last week that is absolutely a combat mission.”

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