Obama Is the Food Stamp President


President Obama is the food stamp president. In fact, he is the welfare state president. It is what he believes in. He wants a welfare entitlement state and he is getting it.

The USDA numbers released for March 2013 revealed that 23,116,441 households enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or food stamps, each received an average monthly benefit of $274.30. [Daily Caller]

The Congressional Research Service confirmed that we spent $41.3 million to advertise food stamps in 2011 alone.

Unsurprisingly, participation in the program has also skyrocketed, increasing from approximately 17.3 million average annual participants to approximately 47.7 million average annual participants in 2013. In 2008, the average annual participation was approximately 28.2 million. [Daily Caller]

Interestingly, as unemployment improves, food stamp enrollment increases.


graph charting rise of food stamps as employment numbers improve

We now promote senior citizens holding food stamp parties to encourage people to apply and this is done at the behest of the USDA.

We advertise in Mexico to encourage illegal immigration.

We are doing our best to remove the stigma and get more people on food stamps instead of getting them off of food stamps.

Food stamp fraud is rampant. Recipients can buy junk food with the stamps. Many have been used in gambling casinos. The recipients will sell them for cash less than the value of the stamps.

The United States is an entitlement state.


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