Obama, Israel’s Greatest Supporter, Appoints Jew-Hating Zealot As Mediator


Obama has to pick an appropriate person to mediate between the Taliban and the Afghan government, but couldn’t he do better than al-Qaradawi?

In al-Qaradawi, the Obama Administration has picked a Muslim Brotherhood, Jew-hating, mediator to facilitate our exit from Afghanistan by 2014. This is the same al-Qaradawi who was banned from entering the United Kingdom because he is a terrorist.

Al-Qaradawi is the cleric who declared a Fatwa on Qaddafi, which coincided with our own version of a Fatwa on Gaddafi.

The mediator, al-Qaradawi, an 84 year old Egyptian, is a Jihadist cleric who will use the opportunity to assay lands his movement can overtake, including the spreading of his venomous reach throughout India and Afghanistan.

Al-Qaradawi is committed to spreading Islam throughout the world but believes it can be done peacefully. Der Spiegel described al-Qaradawi as “the father figure of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.”He has referred to Hamas as his brothers and hopes to rid Jerusalem of Jews.

Brookings Institution member Shadi Hamid claims that Qaradawi is in the mainstream of Egyptian society. Hamid’s strange and dangerous thinking is the kind of thinking that contributed to al-Qaradawi’s selection as mediator.

The Hindu reports that the U.S. is looking for a face-saving way out of Afghanistan by their planned exit date of 2014. They’ve chosen Yusuf al-Qaradawi as mediator despite the fact that the Doha-based Islamist scholar and hardliner has called on his followers to back jihadist groups in Jammu and Kashmir.

As part of the Taliban deal, the U.S. must release the GITMO prisoners, lift United Nations sanctions on Taliban leadership and recognize Taliban as a legitimate political group. In return, the Taliban might agree to sever its links to transnational organisations like al-Qaeda, end violence, and eventually share power with the Afghan government.

What a deal!

Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan’s President, was angered at the news, since hardliners in Afghanistan’s ranks are carrying out a lethal campaign targeting regime supporters. The Taliban command council, which is supposedly going to end violence, appointed terrorist and al-Qaeda visionary, Peshawar shura, to lead the command council.

In 2009, al-Qaradawi issued a fatwa stating that “the Kashmiris were properly fighting jihad against the Indian army.” The jihad was legitimate, he argued, since mujahideen groups sought to create an Islamic state. Therefore, the edict concluded, it was incumbent on all Muslims to help Kashmiris gain their “freedom from Indian aggression.”

New Delhi, feels threatened by al-Qaradawi’s role as peace broker, not knowing how this influence will help local Jihadist groups find new sanctuaries in West Asia and Afghanistan. I think they know and so do we.

Al-Qaradawi, who is closely affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, is known for militant religious rulings and commentary in support of acts of terrorism and repression of women.

He is currently the host of Al Jazeera’s most popular show, “Shariah and Life.” He has written over 120 books, has a popular online site, Islamonline, and has turned down leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, not because his views differ in any significant way, but because he is likely on to bigger and better things.

He has issued fatwas that range from justified” killings to familial affairs and domestic conflict. Most Americans would call him a fascist.

In the 90’s, he preached the destruction of Europe and aligned himself with Hamas. On Jews, he said, ...But the balance of power will change, and this is what is told in the Hadith of Ibn-Omar and the Hadith of Abu-Hurairah: “You shall continue to fight the Jews and they will fight you, until the Muslims will kill them. And the Jew will hide behind the stone and the tree, and the stone and the tree will say: ‘Oh servant of Allah, Oh Muslim, this is a Jew behind me. Come and kill him!’ The resurrection will not come before this happens.” This is a text from the good omens in which we believe.”[Yousef al-Qaradawi, MAYA Conference, 1995, Toledo, Ohio]

Even more recently, he has said suicide bombings are …heroic martyrdom operations.”[Al Raya, April 2001, quoted in Michael Slackman, “Islamic Debate Surrounds Mideast Suicide Bombers,” The Los Angeles Times, May 27, 2001.]

In 2009, during a Friday sermon broadcast on Al-Jazeera, he prayed that Allah would kill all the Jews: “Oh Allah, take this oppressive, Jewish, Zionist band of people. Oh Allah, do not spare a single one of them. Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them, down to the very last one.” He also declared: “Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the [Jews] people who would punish them for their corruption. The last punishment was carried out by [Adolf] Hitler.”…FrontPageMag.com

Excerpts can be heard in this video.  Al-Qradawi praises Hitler for the “exaggerated” assault on Jews, and for putting them in their place. He then goes on to talk about his hope of living long enough to shoot the Jews.

On his Al-Jazeera program, in a discussion regarding spousal abuse, al-Qaradawi said that hitting one’s wife is the last resort, and continued, “There is a woman who cannot agree to being beaten, and sees this as humiliation, while some women enjoy the beating and for them, only beating to cause them sorrow is suitable…“[Steven Stalinsky and Y. Yehoshua, “Muslim Clerics on the Religious Rulings Regarding Wife-Beating,” MEMRI, Special Report #27, March 22, 2004.]

On female circumcision, al-Qaradawi has said that, while not obligatory under the laws of Islam, “whoever finds it serving the interest of his daughters should do it, and I personally support this under the current circumstances in the modern world.”[“Islamic Ruling on Female Circumcision,” Fatwa Bank, IslamOnline.net, (Accessed August 23, 2007).]

At other times, he appears moderate  –

In his book titled The Lawful and Prohibited in Islam, al-Qaradawi wrote:

Islam does not prohibit Muslims to be kind and generous to peoples of other religions, even if they are idolaters and polytheists, … it looks upon the People of the Book, that is, Jews and Christians, with special regard, whether they reside in a Muslim society or outside it. The Qur’an never addresses them without saying, “O People of the Book” or “O You who have been given the Book,” indicating that they were originally people of a revealed religion. For this reason there exists a relationship of mercy and spiritual kinship between them and the Muslims, all having in common the principles of the one true religion sent by Allah through his prophets …: He has ordained for (the Muslims) the same religion which He enjoined on Noah, and that which We have revealed to thee (Muhammad) and that which We enjoined on Abraham, Moses, and Jesus: that you should establish the faith and make no division in it. (Qur’an 42:13)

In May 2008, al-Qaradawi told visiting Rabbis from Neturei Karta movement,
“ There is no enmity between Muslims and Jews….Jews who believe in the authentic Torah are very close to Muslims. ”

He also added that relations between Muslims and Jews only became strained with the emergence of Zionism and the establishment of Israel.
“ Muslims are against the expansionist, oppressive Zionist movement, not the Jews. ”

He also said that Muslims and Jews were subjected to the same persecution following the fall of Islamic rule in Andalusia, now Spain.[Wiki]

Al-Qaradawi is a follower of sufism, which is a mystical representation of Islam, and as a sufi, he believes in the abandonment of the individual self for Allah.

Additional Source Material: InvetigativeProject.org


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