Obama Judge Bans Order Blocking Federal Funds to Sanctuary Cities


A border guard named Rogelio Martinez, 36, was murdered by illegal aliens, perhaps cartel or terrorists. They beat him over the head with rocks. Another guard, his partner, lay in a hospital in critical condition, also hurt by what the investigators believe to have been rocks. No sooner did we learn of that when a judge blocked the President’s executive order to stop funding to sanctuary cities.

The judge found it to be unconstitutional. Sanctuary cities and the officials who run them are violating federal law but no one seems to care.

They are sanctuaries for everyone in them, including cartel members, gang members and terrorists as well as small time criminals. They are an invitation to people to come here illegally and collect benefits. The left also tells them not to assimilate, demanding citizens adapt to them.

An Obama federal judge William H. Orrick in San Francisco issued an injunction to permanently block President Trump’s executive order to deny funding to cities that refused to cooperate with federal immigration officials. He says the order is unconstitutional.

The Sentinel believes it is also unconstitutional to allow jurisdictions within the U.S. to violate the law and put citizens in danger.

Orrick said the President cannot make local officials cooperate in deporting illegal aliens because it violates the separation of powers and the Fifth and Tenth amendments. He said the spending powers rest with Congress, not the President.

Congress has been extremely uncooperative and could pass legislation to stop these jurisdictions but they won’t. The Senate is a joke.

Of course local police should help capture criminals within their borders, whether they are foreign or native, but the left doesn’t want even that.

It is amazing how much liberals and leftists care about the Constitution – that old piece of parchment as Obama called it – when it suits them.

This is federal funding the President wants to cut but the judge said it’s unrelated to the issue.

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera described Orrick’s decision as a victory for the “rule of law.” In fact, the exact opposite is happening. Herrera supports open borders in violation of our laws. We have no borders and are no longer a country. Thank the left for that.

What a joke these leftists are. They are violating the law with their open borders policies and claim the President is breaking the law, but say straight-face that they are the saviors preserving it. Open borders will lead to anarchy. It might already be too late.

The Washington Post called the sanctuary cities “so-called sanctuary cities”. Is this lie working? Are people still falling for this ruse? They aren’t “so-called”, they are.

The left is rejoicing over the ruling because they want open borders for these uneducated foreigners so they can have their permanent majority and rule the nation. Some Republicans want the same.

The only thing they will agree to is a reform like the one that the Senate approved which gave amnesty to millions of people here illegally. They say it wasn’t amnesty even though it obviously was.

We don’t doubt the President wants to make America great again, but the left doesn’t. They want to own America and the citizens be damned.

The border patrol wants something done about the lawlessness and they want a wall. They are starting to blame the President but it’s unclear what he can do. No one is on his side, including many of the Republicans.

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